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“Dana” is considered one of the building blocks of Virtuosity and character building. Vedas state that a virtuous life requires: Tapas (asceticism), Dana (charity), Arjava (straightforwardness), Ahimsa (non-injury to all sentinent beings) and Satyavachana (truthfulness).

We have a reader question from Anonymous In one of your posts, you have mentioned techniques for men to practice Brahmacharya (you have explicitly mentioned that these suggestions are not applicable for women). I am a woman and

There is no need of evidence if you understand this cycle of action – transformation – reaction – transformation – action. There is no need to get this checked or validated from someone and to see real world examples to certify this universal principle of movement. Everything you see around you is just getting transformed to something else, nothing is destroyed and nothing is created, everything is only getting changed to another form.

The Sun Shines for a reason, the wind blows for a reason. There is a reason associated with any event, however big or small. Death is not an exception and it cannot be random.

Deep inside, you know you don’t want to be tiny. Infinitesimal. You aspire to be “Big”. You want to conquer. Conquer what? You don’t know. Why conquer? You are not sure. Conquer whom? The World? Or conquer yourself?

As a person makes more money or achieves what he wants to achieve in life, expectations and desires rise in tandem, which results in no permanent gain in happiness. Success is not a good metric to measure happiness. You can be successful in your efforts, have whatever you want to have, reach wherever you want to reach and still be unhappy.