This website is a collection of essays on Philosophy, life, Indian mythology and wisdom.

Articles represent the authors’s own understanding of a subject and in no way tries to establish “The Truth”. We all live in “subjective” truth and hence what is true to the author might not be true to his readers. These pieces are not to be confused as “Claims” since they are mostly a derivative study of the original work, which has been passed verbally through generations and generations by sages and mystic men from India.

These leanings have been passed as “Shurti” and “Smriti”, the author is merely an instrument, trying to understand a subject and theme. The author is a common man and no saint, just like you, surviving in this chaotic material world full of desires and void of wisdom. This is just an attempt to document the learnings accrued through careful and systematic study of the scriptures. By writing and propagating the knowledge, the author is helping himself, not the world.

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