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When Mankind was without any knowledge at the primitive stage, how did they come about ranking, defining worse, worst , better and best?  What was the scale that started the comparison and ranking of things? How did we end up having millions of good things and billions of bad things as we have now ?

Before you read on, I must tell you that I did ask my Guruji for the answer and I did not knew it myself.

When the world was born some billions of years ago, it was not fit for life in early stages. Gradually, due to changes in its temperature and the contraction and expansion of the universe, it reached a condition wherein it could support life forms of different kinds.

There was no such thing as gender since segregation of “Male” and “Female” entities happened much later due to another evolution cycle. Every entity was a female who could produce more entities on her own. To this day, when an embryo is formed, it is a female until the Y chromosome kicks in and decides the sex of the entity. Every man is basically a modified version of a female entity while the reverse is not true. Example – men do have nipples which has no purpose but its still there. Every man has both masculine and feminine characteristics but females do not posses masculine characteristics that much, in general.

So we now know two things

  1. In the primitive world, every entity was a female who could produce more females.
  2. There was no “Male” in the primitive world.

In this state, everything was homogeneous. Every entity looked and behaved exactly like the other.

Due to another evolution process, some females were able to develop this Y chromosome thing which led to the creation of a “Seed”. This hyper female had the ability to manufacture “seeds” inside her womb and spread that seed into other females who would in turn spread it again to experiment a different way to give birth to entities – through the “seed”.

This is which made all the difference.

Due to different nature of seeds, differences started to grow inside the female community. Initially it was homogeneous but now the presence of seeds ensured that no two females were equal. There was differences since some descended from a seed while others descended naturally. Eventually, this seed generation mechanism continued for a million years when some females evolved into a new sex – someone who can manufacture seed inside her body and spread that seed into other females and give birth to a unique entity which is one of a kind.

This “special hyper female” who has the ability to manufacture seeds inside her body, store that seed, carry it and inject it into another female to give birth to an entity is called a “Male”.

To this day, in an embryo if you study the creation of a “Male”, you will notice that the reproductive organ is first a female one. The genital changes shape due to the presence of Y chromosome, the female organ is shipped out of the box and then it is transformed into the male reproductive organ due to the presence of Y chromosome.

This Y chromosome brought complete chaos in this world. Suddenly, we have different entities who can think differently, do different things and act differently due to the nature of the seed from where they descended.

This is when the concept of “comparison” was formed.

Hyper females who had seeds were considered precious, since it is the seed which will determine the unique characteristic of the offspring. The normal female is now called a “Field” while the hyper female (Male) is now called a seed.

Seeds have this peculiar nature to spread itself everywhere, regardless of the type of field it is sowed into. The seed doesn’t care, it goes about spreading itself everywhere which led to the creation of a huge number of distinct seeds.In a few million years, the world is filled with only entities which descended from a “Seed” and natural entities became extinct.

Now the world has unique entities which is not similar to any other entity. Every single entity is unique and hence there came billions and trillions of definitions – good, bad, best, better. Ranking and all other things came from this single idea – the presence of unique entities who are not similar to any other entity in terms of character and behavior.

This concept is applicable for all living beings, not just humans.

Hinduism also predicts that this seed will grow so strong that it will disregard the field and outgrow it. This seed will one day destroy the field and the world is going to be destroyed by the presence of too many seeds. As we run through Kali Yuga, there will be only seeds and fields will slowly get ruined. The males will outnumber the females and a time will come when there will exist only males, no females. That is the time when the whole system will crumble up to start a fresh beginning (srishti and Pralaya) – You can read more about this here

This is one of the reasons why Females are considered a sign of Good luck in Hinduism. When a female is born in a family, or a newly wed woman enters her husband’s house, it is believed that she will bring fortune, good luck, wealth and happiness. This is because it is the female which gave birth to a male and the presence of a female entity ensures that the “primitive” creator has arrived. However, in Kali Yuga, we do the exact opposite. We celebrate when a male is born in a family but in Satya Yuga, it is the birth of a female which was celebrated more.

Hinduism says that males are the reason of chaos, hatred and conflict and it is this “Seed” which will destory this world at the end of Kali Yuga.


Note: The opinions expressed above may or may not have scientific justifications. What I said is just what my Guruji had said to me and this is just a reflection of his knowledge about the subject. There are recent studies which claim that females came first.

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