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What is that one thing which everyone wants from everyone else?

If you look very carefully, you will notice that the one thing which everyone wants from others is Transfer of Value.

Everyone wants to “steal” value from everyone else. In different forms, ways and currencies.

Your Employer (Corporations)

Your employer wants your skills, expertise and time. Your employer does not want your money but by taking your skills, expertise, time and labor, it “steals” value from you and converts that value into profit(money). Your employer has figured out a way to convert raw labor into value and it sells that value to other people who need it. Hence, your employer reaps the benefits of this conversion by giving you a share of the value in the form of salary. You lose since you do not have the technology , machinery or infrastructure to convert your labor into value.

The moment your skills are outdated or the employer thinks that you are not valuable to him, you will be removed. You lose your livelihood since your value generation depends on your employer, not on yourself. Hence, by working for someone else, you are losing.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks want you to keep your money with them as savings, liquid deposits, investments, bonds and so forth. Banks do not want that you spend all the money since Banks would circulate your money to someone else as “Loan” and take a cut for giving them the “Loan”. What you get from a Bank is nothing but a “Simple Interest” which is 4-5% for savings and 9% for fixed deposits. This means that if you keep the money as fixed deposit, the money does not grow, it stays the same since inflation and the interest cancel each other out.

Banks steal the value of your investment by lending it out to someone who needs it at a higher interest rate, thereby making money out of nothing but your labor and the lender’s labor. So by keeping money in the bank, you are losing.


Educational institutions are mostly slow. Getting a degree from a good college puts the student into debt and cannot give him skills and expertise that employers need. The employment market moves at a huge speed and academia can seldom match up with the pace.

When the student takes the exit from an educational institution and enters a professional institution, he finds himself admist a major void and chaos. Few students get lucky but the major chunk has to fight through debts and darkness, forcing him/her into the vicious circle of “Value theft”. This happens before the student even knows that he has been robbed.

What is communicated in a school is entirely different in what happens in one’s professional career.

The Educational institution steals value in terms of the students time, education fee and misguidance. Sure, it gives the student knowledge and little expertise but that knowledge alone has very little application in the real world “Value” generation system.


A government is a system which “Governs” people, makes laws and regulations and domesticates the inhabitants to preserve a natural order which beneficial for all inhabitants, big or small.

The people who form such “laws” or “rules” are greatly slaves of the people who control the “money supply”. This includes banks and corporations after all. Hence, the “rules” that are provisioned are in the favor of the people on top of the value chain and the people at the bottom line end up being “tools” of the people on top of the value chain.

I will illustrate a simple example – Income Tax (Forcefully steal value out of people)

When a corporation pays tax, it pays on the profit that it makes. But when a salaried individual pays a tax, it pays tax on the “Net Income”. This is absurd and a direct form of robbery.

X corporation makes an income of $100 and it pays $30 for office rent, $10 for utility bills, $50 on employee salary. So the taxable amount is Income – Expenses i.e (100-30-10-50) = $10.

You make an income of $100 through salary and pay $15 as room rent, $5 for utility bills, $10  for groceries, $5 as educational loan reimbursement. But your taxable amount is not (100-15-5-10-5)=65. Your taxable amount if $100.

And why is it so, you may wonder?

It is because it is the corporations and banks who control the “Money supply” and have told the government to make the law in their favor, that businesses should be taxed only on “Profit” and not “Net income”.

So who will pay for the money that the government needs to run the country? The powerless people – the salaried employees will pay major part of that tax.

This is just one example, if you delve deep into all the laws that an enforced, you will find that the government tries as hard as its possible to rob value from the people who do not have power.

We will hardly find people who belong to very poor families getting a seat in the government and staying there for long. If you “Follow the money”, you will find that every big politician is either wealthy or has roots of wealth generation in his family, mostly through illegitimate ways.

Everybody wants to “Acquire” something for themselves

Everyone is born naked without anything that they “Have” or that they can “Claim” as their own.

But as we grow old, we want more and more things. Why do we want so many things? We don’t know. All we know is that we want those things and we will go to whatever lengths to fulfill that wish.

The sum total of value in this world is always the same and will remain the same till the end of humanity. However, this value is always transferred from one entity to another to another and is always in circulation.

This is referred to as “Maya” (illusion). In reality, you have nothing as your “own” but you are always chasing to acquire things and you think that you own it or you should own it. Your house, car, wealth, land, degree or whatever you think you have is not your own, since the basic ingredients were already present before you existed. And it will continue to exist after you are gone, so you have nothing that you “claim” in this world as “your own”.

And through this exercise of “acquiring”, you are basically adding to the chaos that exists in the world. In every transaction that is held, there is a “transfer of value”, so someone is winning and the other party is losing. And every transaction is adding to the chaos.

The irony is – you think that the more you acquire, the better off you will be and in your pursuit of “living a better life”, you are leading a complicated one.

In a sentence, it won’t be an understatement to think that the world is a giant circus where all the players wake up every morning to rob value from other players. Then they go home, eat food, sleep and the cycle continues.

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