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We have a question by anonymous I sometimes feel very empty inside. I just can’t explain how it feels, it’s not pain, it’s not depression. There is this weird feeling of emptiness which haunts me

Most people fail to win weaknesses and go to the grave just like that. They don’t even realize what happened to their life in pursuit of temporary things. They miss seeing the extraordinary view because they were too busy in their pursuit of Arishadvargas – Desires, Anger, Greed, Attachments, Pride and Envy

We have a question from Sunita I have a question on Indian astrology. Can you tell me why the planets are aligned in the astrological system in a particular way? What is the logic of

We have a question from Hari The same question Vivekananda asked Ramakrishna, Have you seen god? Can you show him to me?. I want to experience god? Please explain if there is a way to

This is a consequence of the present time which is the Iron age – the age of sin, vice, quarrel and conflict. We are living in Kali Yuga wherein everything is meant for destruction. Everything is decaying which includes moral values, purity, human values, age and substances are getting over thoughts and virtues.

It is the fool who considers humility as weakness. The wise man knows the difference between humility and diffidence. There is little you can do if a foolish man considers your humbleness as your weakness. You cannot teach him the lesson but you can certainly show him your other side without being rude.