We have a reader question from Hari

When we are nothing but specks of dust in this universe, why is it difficult for us to accept that?

Every philosopher and even scientists say that we are one among the millions of galaxies in the world and life could exist in many other places. So when we zoom out and look at ourselves we are nothing but passing shades or specks in the universe, still it is very difficult for us to accept this fact and make decisions based on mortality and insignificance. I have tried telling myself this many times, but when the time comes for a major decision or choice I think as if that is going to make everything for me. Even though i know whatever i do, it would be close to nothing on this mega universe, i yearn to judge people, places and rank them feel bad or good about me or them. How do I get over ?

Accept what?

That you are a tiny piece of matter with some capacity to act and think and that you can’t change things as you want them to be? That you can’t fly like an Eagle, be free like a lion, dance beautifully like a peacock or swim like a crocodile?

The reason it is difficult for you to accept the way things are, is –  you are afraid.

  • You are afraid of not being in control of your life.
  • You are afraid of change.
  • You are afraid of the future.
  • You are afraid what will happen tomorrow if X, Y or Z event hits your life.
  • You are afraid of opinions, outcomes, consequences, status quo.
  • You are afraid what others will think about you.
  • You are afraid of uncertainty.
  • You are afraid of yourself.
  • You are afraid you won’t be able to lead the life you always wanted to live, when you were a kid. You are afraid how terrible the future can be.

And so many other things which you don’t even know because most of these things are subsiding in your sub-consicous mind. Acceptance happens when Fear is gone. When you are no longer worried by the consequences, the outcomes, the result, acceptance follows. Someone refuses to accept when he is afraid.

Yes you are a tiny little piece of dust in this universe. Accept it.

But no, you won’t. It’s because deep inside, you know you don’t want to be tiny. Infinitesimal. You aspire to be “Big”. You want to conquer. Conquer what? You don’t know. Why conquer? You are not sure. Conquer whom? The World? Or conquer yourself? Which one is bigger? You or the world? You are bigger than this world. Inside you lies the entire universe. Everything you seek is already inside you and you are looking elsewhere. Happiness, satisfaction, pleasure, contentment, knowledge, wisdom – whatever you seek, is already there. But alas, you are afraid. This fear compels you to look outside, not inside.

  • In wealth, lies the fear of poverty.
  • In knowledge the fear of ignorance.
  • In beauty the fear of age.
  • In fame the fear of backbiters.
  • In success the fear of jealousy.
  • Even in body is the fear of death.

Everything in this earth is fraught with fear.

If you read the Vedas, you will find this word always repeated — fearlessness — fear nothing. Fear is a sign of weakness. A man must go about his duties without taking notice of the sneers and the ridicule of the world. Be fearless in your pursuits and behaviour. When the fear is gone, you will realize that this tiny little dust which you consider yourself to be is actually a universe in itself. How does it matter how big or small the external universe is?

Your internal universe is so big and bottomless that your one life is not sufficient to explore it.

Look inside and be fearless. Don’t compare your size with the size of the universe. Be more concerned about what lies within you, that is where your real size, your real scale lies. How “Big” you are is defined by the size of your own universe which none can discover but you.


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