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We have a question from Devika Damle Can a householder become liberated because i always thought rather had a doubt that to get moksha, do i necessarily become a nun(monk)…also what are the rules that

We have a reader question by Ganesh Hello Amit, Every great person and enlightened sage exhorts everybody to find out the purpose of this life and to seek the ultimate truth. What exactly is this purpose?

We have a question from Vijay, According to you, who is responsible for the Mahabharata war? I know there are multiple people who are responsible but what is the root cause of the war and

We have a question from Sunil kumar Ramesh I have heard that animals have the capacity to predict upcoming natural calamities like earthquake, when we human beings claim ourselves as superior to them why we fail

We have a question from Divyanshu, How would a person’s Karma exactly be defined? Is it the external bodily action/reaction to a situation or is it much more complicated. There also have been various citations