We have a question from Shurygina

What is the basis of being born in this world without our wish?People are born in this world and in a particular family by randomly or it is all pre decided according to karma theory you explained.

Small answer –

The World is a big gymnasium where you come to test yourself. You take one machine, you perfect your body and then you move to another. Then another. Then another. This goes on until your body is in perfect shape and then one day you are liberated from this vicious cycle of moving from one machine to another machine to another.

When your soul attains perfection, it is free’d from birth, re-birth and death. Until then, the soul has to go through numerous tests and for that it has to be born in different conditions until he passes those tests. Your karma in one life decides your destination in the next one.

Example – If you have excessive greed in this birth, be prepared. In your next birth, you will be born in a poor family and you will die of hunger. If you have excessive vanity in this birth, be prepared. In your next birth, you will be born in a family where people will insult you all the time. Your Karma decides where you are going in your next stop.

This will continue forever until that point is reached when your soul has achieved perfection and can be liberated from this vicious cycle of life and death.

Long answer

From your email address, I can guess your profession. You are a coder / software developer or programmer.

Why do you think you got attracted to this profession? You were not a programmer when you are 5 years old. Then how did you become one? Why were you attracted to this profession in the first place?

There is no reason why something attracts something else. Physics have observed this phenomena of attraction but the reason has not been determined yet. Why Newton’s law of gravitation holds true, we don’t know. We know it happens, we know that every object attract every other object with a force but we don’t know why something attracts something.

The answer is – movement.

There is only one thing which prevails in this whole universe – movement.

Everything is moving, every single particle is going somewhere. Where? Noone knows. But for sure, it is not stagnant. It came from somewhere and it is going somewhere.

Your question is – what determines the direction of a particle’s motion? Why are we born in a particular family, or why are we doing what we are doing, or why are we the way we are is basically the same to the parent question

What determines my direction?

See, basically both me and you are made up of dust. Carbon. And this dust is travelling the whole universe since billions of years. When I was in my mother’s womb, she ate potatoes, rice and some of that resulted in forming my hands, legs and brain.

Let’s see how that happened

  • There was a tiny piece of dust floating somewhere near Uranus, which got attracted towards Jupiter and then towards Earth and one day it found it’s way through the clouds
  • It fell on earth and found other particles around itself, one particle had come from Moon, one from another universe and another from Proxima Centuari.
  • These three pieces of dust combined themselves to form a unit.
  • Several thousands units like them combined to form something, which again combined themselves to form a bigger unit and then it took the form of a seed.
  • That seed gave birth to a plant, which was eaten by a goat.
  • That goat was sold in the market and one day, a man brought home some meat for his pregnant wife.
  • That wife ate it and some part of that was passed to her womb, which resulted in forming the flesh of my hands.
  • I was born.

So when I was born, the stuff that I was made up of composed of billions and trillions of dust particles which have been processed uncountable number of times, through different trials and tests. One particle merged with another to form a unit, then that unit merged with a bigger unit,  then the bigger unit merged with another unit and so on and so forth.

Everything is getting merged with a bigger unit. The solar system is part of a universe, which is getting merged with a bigger unit, and is getting attracted towards it. This is happening all the time. Children are getting merged into school, then they are merging into colleges, then corporations. All these are nothing but units. Entities move in the direction of forming units, which in turn unites with more units to form bigger ones.

So to answer your question, you are born into a particular family because the dust particles got attracted to a particular condition and decided to build up a unit – which is you.

Nothing is Random

The universe is both in Chaos and Order. But one thing is for sure, that nothing in this universe is Random.

The Sun will not randomly vanish one day. The moon will not randomly turn Red in color. The water in a River will not randomly freeze or become sand. Similarly, your birth cannot be random.

There must be a reason, a direction why you were born in a particular condition. It is yet another trial. The unit is again being processed. The particles with which you are being made of will  be free one day and they will individually join other particles to form other units. This will go on and on and on until a “Perfect” unit is formed which is free of malice. When that “perfect” unit is formed, all the particles of that unit will be liberated (“mukti”)

So the movement of particles in this universe is happening because every particle is in search of it’s perfect “UNIT”. Once that particle gets his perfect UNIT, he shall be liberated. Until he achieves liberation, the movement cannot cease.

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