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Duty is moral or legal obligation of an individual or subject. When you say “I am doing my duty”, it just means that you are doing your Dharma. Duty and livelihood are different things. While

Guru is the Sanskrit term for “Teacher”. Someone who propagates knowledge to his disciples is often referred to as “Guru”. Guru is not an acronym for master or someone who is very skilled in a

When defining the “Dharma” of an individual, Hinduism uses “Varna” as one metric and “Ashram” (stage) as another. Varna decides the duties of an individual on a broad level while “Ashram”(stage) decides the duties on

Ravana’s ten heads is a metamorphication of his knowledge of the six shastras and the four Vedas. Namely: Sankhyashastra (Mathematics) Yog Shastra (Yoga as a way of life, meditation) Nyayashastra (Law and administration) Vaisheshik Shastra