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It was 5 am in the morning and I had just reached Mathura station from my hotel to onboard a train to Haridwar. After smoking a ciggarette and failing to locate a tea stall, I

The Kurukhestra war was a decisive battle between truth and untruth, light and darkness, dharma and adharma. The war did not begin like an ordinary war. Before the war began, history witnessed a scene which

Thanks, Arun for the graphic (it’s cute). Originally inspired by Brad hussey’s post. P.S: I generally don’t do photo blogs and prefer long essays but this one just strikes the right chord.   91 Kudos

In Vedic astrology, after Moon, Sun is considered the second most important planet which has the maximum impact on an individual. Sun affects overall personality, position, power, recognition, ambition, fulfilment and stability of an individual