We have a question from Chandan

I want to know the 4 categories of men’s and women’s described by Chanakya. And their characters and physical behavior. The categories are Sashaka, Mriga, brisha and ashwa for men’s and padmini, chitrini, sankhini and hastini for women.

The classification of Men and Women is not an original work of Chanakya. Chanakya is more known for “Arthasashtra“. A thorough classification of men and specially women is found in ancient Indian Sex manuals like Kamasutra by Vatsyayana and Ananga Ranga by Kalyanmalla, a Kalinga poet.

The question which you have asked has detailed and point by point explanation in Ananga Ranga. It’s a high quality literary work and anyone interested in knowing the hidden techniques of love making should definitely read it. What I am going to write below is purely based on the work of Kalyanmalla. Although, it is important to note that his contemporaries had objections to his theory and more classification of women were proposed, depending on temperment, mood, nature, behavior and other things.

Most of these authors have written more about women than men because a man is pretty simple to understand and comprehend, while such is not the case with women.


1. The text mentions three types of men not four. These are Sashaka (Hare man), Vrishabha (Bull Man) and Ashva (Horse man). Men are categorised by the length of their Linga or Penis (male reproductive organ).

2. The outer appearance of a man is a direct reflection of the length of his Linga and vice versa. A short man will have a short linga while a long man will have a long one, in general. So you can easily predict whether a man is a Hare man, a Bull man or a Horse man by looking at him and observing his gestures, appearance, the way he speaks and carries himself.

3. The hare man’s linga does not exceed the breadth of six fingers when fully erected. His figure is short and spare,generally has a round or square face. His appetite is small, his chest is clean and his hair is silky. His hands are small but well proportioned in shape and make. The palm of his hand is reddish and graceful while his face color is pale. Short neck, short shoulders and legs are thin. Their semen is of a sweet smell and they are not too much inclined and lustful towards women, in general. He is of quiet disposition, he does good for virtue’s sake, he is humble, benevolent, his appetite is small and he is moderate in carnal desires.

Leonardo D Caprio is a good example of a Hare man. His face is round and shoulders are congested. He is not muscular and there is no aggression in his posture and body language. He is like a boy next door, carries a sense of love, peace and belonging in his character.

4. The Bull man’s Linga does not exceed the breadth of nine fingers when erected. Convex, sharp head which looks elevated and raised. The face is convex and resembles that of a charging bull. His body is rough and tough with a hairy chest. His palms are red, fleshy shoulders has curves like waves, it appears that shoulders are hanging from a strong column. The corners of his eyes are sometimes pinkish, which turns dark red when he is excited or angry. He is of cruel and violent disposition and his “Kama Salila” is ever ready.

This man is short tempered, cruel and often would attack others in situations of conflict. He has a short belly and his appetite is moderate. His belly looks like a tortoise, resembles the shaking gait of a lion. His body is rich in marrow and this type of men are the most sought after by different classes of women.

Indian actor John Abhraham perfectly fits the description of a Bull man. His Face is convex and resembles that of a charging bull, ready to attack at a moment’s notice. Anger and aggression reflects in his posture and body language, his shoulders are curvy. Body is triangular with a short belly. The tip of the nose, the center of the chest and the tip of the shoulders form a perfect rhombus, a common feature found in a perfect Bull man.

I am giving another example of bull man and it’s physical characteristics.

Cristiano Ronaldo – The famous footballer’s body and facial features resembles the attributes of a bull man. Look at the shoulders, it appears they are hanging from a strong column. The shoulders are curvy and has waves. A triangular convex face gives it the attacking posture of a charging bull. The belly looks like a tortoise and we see the perfect rhombus between the tip of the nose, tip of the shoulders and the center of the chest.

5. The horse man’s Linga does not exceed the breadth of twelve fingers when erected. He is muscular with a broad chest as tough as a block of iron. His voice is deep and he speaks less, keeps the company of few people but not as short tempered as the Bull man.

Long fingers with polished nails, big and unsteady eyes, limbs and knees appears to be curved. Compared to the Bull man, the horse man is calm and composed and doesn’t get agitated that easily. This man’s gait is quick, they secretly desire women of others but do not reveal their intentions to anyone, secretive and shy sometimes. His look is fixed and hard, his voice is deep like that of a bull. He is reckless in spirit, covetous, volatile, sometimes lazy and full of sleep. He walks slowly, placing one foot in front of the other. This man has the highest control on his carnal desires and it is difficult for some classes of women to excite this man as he will take his time to reach the peaks of his passion. Unlike the bull man, who is ever ready for action, this man is picky and will reject an invitation for congress if he does not feel strongly about the woman. This man is sometimes very emotional and possessive. They have insecurities about their wives and lovers. The horse man has the highest “ethics” and “moral values” and they are often called as the “protectors” or “saviors”, compared to the bull man who are often called as “attackers” or “invaders”.

Think of a horse man as a Lion protecting it’s herd in all royalty, hunting only when it’s hungry and maintaining discipline in it’s pride while think of a bull man as a Tiger who will attack and go for the kill with absolute accuracy and fears noone.

Arnold Schwarzenegger fits the description of a Horse man. Look at this muscles and the Chest, appears to be as tough as iron. But at the same time, his posture does not reflect as much aggression as the bull man. His eyes are calm and he looks relaxed. This is the Alpha male, who is calm and composed, despite having all the ingredients of aggression and the ability to overpower his Bull counterpart.

6. If a woman wants to test a man, she must test him like Gold is tested. There are four recommended stages of testing gold –

  • The touchstone
  • By cutting
  • By heating
  • By hammering

In hindsight, the author is telling women to test a man by considering his learning, his disposition, his qualities and finally by his actions (and not words).

7. The most fundamental characteristic a man must posses is courage. Without courage, a man is not worthy enough to be considered a partner or to be considered for satisfying sexual desires. A man must have the will and spirit to be brave and to fight for his ground, no matter his situations. A woman should never accept a coward as her partner, no matter how rich, wealthy or knowledgeable he is. Because this lack of courage and cowardly nature of the man will not only bring upon his own downfall but also the downfall of his own family.The Bull man has the highest courage over the different types of men.

8. The next characteristic to look for is Wisdom. A man must have courage but he also must be wise enough to decide what is right and what is not, in difficult situations.

9.Other qualities to look for in men are – early rising, secrecy and privacy, generosity, attention, having carnal desires, patience, judgement, lack of vainglory or excessive pride, contentment, not a glutton, not oversleeping, diligent in service, and finally, ambition.

10.A man with red eyes, fleshy chest full of hair with long shoulders and arms, one who speaks with a deep voice which frightens the soft hearted, the one who roars like a Lion while angry, will always be rich, enjoy good position in society and will be able to satisfy his wife’s sexual desires.A woman should watch out for these signs. A man with facial hair and thick beard will be able to pleasure his partner more than a man who does not keep or have a beard. Facial hair is not only an indicator of fertility in men but the color of the hair with age clearly indicates his sexual passions. An impotent man’s beard will lose color prematurely, and a man who has less or no sexual desires will have no uniformity in his beard’s color.

A man who speaks softly, the one who rarely gets angry, has less or no hair in his chest, has thin shoulders and arms will not likely be able to meet the expectations of his partner. Aggression is an indicator of masculine characteristics.

11. The man whose Linga is very long, will be wretchedly poor. The man whose Linga is thick, will ever be in distress. The man whose Linga is thin and lean, will be very lucky; and the man whose Linga is short but wide will be a King.

12. Some other ancient texts also mention details about the orientation of the male reproductive organ, which is not widely accepted and quite debatable. If the Linga (penis) while fully erected slides towards the left side, the man will have more creative abilities and would excel in poetry, music, dance, entertainment, acting, writing etc. If the Linga (Penis) while fully erected slides towards the right side indicates the man will excel in technical matters such as engineering, craftsmanship, sports, warfare, trade and business. The Linga which does not slide on either side and stands firmly in the middle indicates the man will be good in administration, politics, management, diplomat, advisory or can become an ambassador, a spy, a special agent etc. Furthermore, if the Linga while fully erected and staying in the middle points upwards towards the sky indicates this person will become a king, will inherit or conquer territories, land, wealth, gold and he might become an invader and a tyrant king.


1. There are four orders of women – Padmini, Chitrini, Shankhini and Hastini. This classification is based on her temperamental and physical characteristics.

2. But going by the physical and outward appearances, women are broadly classified into 3 groups. Mrigi (the deer woman), Vadava (the mare woman), and Karini (the Elephant woman). Women’s classification is done by the depth of the Yoni (Vagina), the female reproductive organ.

The widely accepted classification for women is that of the four orders (Padmini, Chitrini, Shankini and Hastini) because it not only takes into account physical and facial characteristics of the woman, but it also takes into account behaviors, moods, temperment, likes, dislikes, attitude, sexual preferences and a whole host of other factors. The classification of Mrigi, Vadava and Karini is mostly based on physical attributes.

3. The Mrigi (deer) has a Yoni 6 fingers deep. Her fingers are long, her body is lean and thin and her head is small. Her hair is sometimes curly. Her bosom is firm and her stomach is thin and drawn inwards. Her buttocks are broad and her belly is short. Her nostrils are small, her eyes are beautiful like a wandering deer with deep eyelashes. Her lips and hands are red as a Rose, the ears, cheeks and neck are long. She is agitated by jealousy but her anger is short lived. Her backbone is straight and her voice is languid.

4. The Vadava (mare) has a Yoni 9 fingers deep. Her hands, arms, hips, bosom and hips are fleshy and maintain the same structure uniformly. When standing, her head slopes forward and her hair is usually long and straight. Her eyes are unsteady, like the petals of a Blue Lotus and so is her Yoni. She has a rough line of teeth, the pitcher like breasts are fleshy and hard. The belly appears to be raised up and hands as delicate as a lotus. Her navel is round, deep and well rounded. Her walk is gracious, curved and beautiful buttocks which one envies. She is fond of eating and sleeping.

5. The Karini (Elephant) has a Yoni 12 fingers deep. Broad forehead, cheeks, ears and nostrils. Her arms are short, fleshy, her voice is hard and harsh. She is gluttonous with large breasts, her throat, cheeks, ears are very big. She longes for longer duration of carnal activity and is often suited well with a Horse man.

6. It is to be noted that while men exist in pure form of any of the three mentioned categories, women are often found in proportions. For example, a woman maybe 1/3rd of a mrigi, 1/2 of a mare and 1/5th of a Karini. A Pure Padmini or Hastini woman cannot be found since a woman exists in proportions of the above mentioned categories. This makes the whole equation extremely complicated, difficult to analyse and extremely hard to predict behaviors. This is the reason why scholars have said this time and time again – A man who claims he understands a woman, understands nothing!

7. Description of a Padmini woman – A Padmini woman is the most beautiful woman of all the four categories. She is tender like a lotus bud, her coiton water has the scent of a blown blue lotus. Her face is as pleasing as the full moon, while her body is soft like that of a mustard flower. Her skin is fine, tender and fair as the yellow lotus. Her eyes are bright and beautiful, like a terrified deer, and the corners of her eyes are reddish in color. Her bosom is hard, full and high, her breasts resemble the shape of a cherry plum. Her nose is similar to that of a sesamum flower, who has the loveliness of the petal of a blue water lily, who is yellowish like a champaka flower and whose genital umbrella resembles the callix of an open lotus.

8. A Padmini woman or a Lotus woman walks like a flamingo, her waist is united with three folds, her voice resembles the voice of a Goose or a cuckoo, she is well clothed and eats mild pure and little food. She is chaste with heavenly beauty which instantly attracts any man and makes him a slave of her in first sight. She is fond of white flowers and garments.

9. A Pure Padmini is a rarity. As mentioned earlier, women are mostly made up of proportions. However, the quickest way for a man to find out if a woman is close to a Pure Padmini or not is the time it takes for a reflex erection to occur at first sight of the woman (A reflex erection is which happens to a man without any control and almost comes instantly without any pre-nominations). If the erection is instant or happens within a few moments of eye contact with the woman, be rest assured that this is a Pure Padmini of the highest class

The Late Indian actress Sridevi closely resembles the descriptions of a modern Padmini woman. Best example of “Mrignayani” (a woman with the eyes of a terrified deer is the most beautiful one). The structure of her eye, the proportions of her face with rest of the body and every other feature matches very close to that of a Padmini woman. If you note, in her later years, she maintained the same level of elegance in her personality. A Padmini woman is truly “ageless”.

Some people have requested me to add more information about Padmini women and add more examples of Padmini women in the post. Here are some acute observations found in the facial geometry of Padmini women

Here are some examples of padmini women from other countries and origins

Penelope Cruz (Spain) – Notice the angular arc like eyebrows, shape of the lower lip, the nose, eyes and compare it with the overall facial struture given in the above diagram.

Marie Itoyo (Japan) – Again we take another example from a different culture and origin and notice the facial features very carefully. You would be able to see the semi circular arcs on the nose, the deer like eyes, although the eyebrows are blunted by her hair but the angle is pointed downwards. The lower lip and the jawline is a very close match as well.

Quiin Abenakyo (Uganda) – It was a little difficult for me to find someone from Africa, because I had to overcome certain human biases that were covering my mind.

Chiquinquirá Delgado (Venezuela) : Notice the curvature of the nose and how it stands out from normal.

Cameron Diaz (United States of America): The Jawline, lower lip and the nose again is noticeable.

Aiswarya Rai Bachhan (India)

Zineb Obeid (Morocco)


10. A Padmini woman is highly seductive and mens of all classes lust for her, they are ready to sacrifice everything to have the company of a padmini woman for few moments. Draupadi, Ahalya, Rani Padmavati, Helen of Troy are some examples of pure padmini women. A Padmini woman is attracted to a man of warrior class, the man who is brave, courageous, is victorious in battles and full of virtues and valor. A Padmini woman often falls for a king, a minister, a person with diplomatic powers or someone from the royal clan, a brave soldier, a man who stands his ground, a lion who roars the jungle like a king, she is fond of men with heroic endeavours.

11. Description of a Chitrini Woman – The Chitrini woman has a beautiful gait and she often has a flirtatious walk, she is neither too tall nor too short, her legs are like a crow. Her neck is like a shell, thin and round. Her thighs are curvy and hips have good amount of flesh. Her voice resembles the voice of a peacock, the “Kama Salila” (love seed) is hot and has the perfume of honey. She is fond of pleasure and variety, she delights in singing, dancing, arts and creativity, is affectionate towards animals and birds, her carnal desires are not as strong but moderate

She is also referred as the “Art woman”

A Chitrini woman reflects elegance, class and overall personality over beauty and principles of lust. She is attracted to intellect, wisdom, artistic and creative qualities. She does not reveal as much as the Padmini woman does, neither she is weak towards attracting the opposite sex through gestures, apparel and outward appearances. She maintains elegance in everything she does.Her neck is like a conch shell, her face slightly triangular, her voice resembles the voice of a chakora bird, she is fond of singing and dancing. While a padmini is attracted to bravery and heroism, a chitrini is attracted to intellect, art, mastery of a craft, maturity and wisdom.

A Chitrini woman is more likely to fall in love with a poet, a bard, an actor, a writer, a musician, a philosopher or a person who is known for his intellectual prowess and has mastered a particular craft well. A Chitrini woman is fond of bright things, she relishes sweet, milk, butter, her eyes are fickle and she relishes external enjoyment.

The Indian Actress Kajol Devgan is a close example of a Chitrini woman. She is of a dark complexion, triangular face with convex features, not considered as much beautiful as other actresses but she maintains a very strong personality, even though she is not as attractive. Her work is also very subjective and represents class and elegance, she does not involve herself in any cheap shows or performance and maintains a state of supreme elegance in her work and personal life.

12. Description of a Sankhini Woman – A Sankhini woman has a stretched body, long neck resembling that of a crane, spreaded toes and feets, long waist and every other attribute is bigger and sharper than normal. She is unusually tall, longs for red flower and garments. Her bone cage is clearly visible in her neck, while her breasts has less amount of flesh. During copulation, she produces many nail marks on the male body.

A Shankhini woman is very clever, cunning, wicked, athletic, indulges in physical exercise, well educated and extremely intelligent. Her skin is sometimes yellow and tawny, sometimes dark yellow brown. Her waist is thick, her navel is round and deep and the breasts are smaller. Her “Kama salila” (love seed) is salty. Her voice sometimes has a lot of bass and hoarse, her gait is precipitate. She is often hot headed and shows astounding courage in difficult situations, compared to the other categories of women. This woman is a true fighter in body and spirit, her determination is very strong and when insulted or emotionally hurt, she is deadly like a wounded lioness.
She has a moderate appetite, hard hearted, ass voiced and struggles with attracting males, compared to Padmini and Citrini. The easiest way to identify a Sankhini is how she appears like a Crane amongst a crowd of people and stands out because of her height and sharp attributes.

Indian actress Deepika Padukone and Sushmita Sen are perfect examples of a Modern day Sankhini women. Both of them are unusually tall, their necks resemble the neck of a crane, the bone cage is visible right below the neck. The shoulders and arms are spread out and every other feature is sharp and stands out way beyond normal.

Some more examples of Shankini Women from other cultures and origins are given below.

You will notice that of all the Shankini women mentioned below, they have the common traits  – the long neck resembling a crane or a swan, the bone cage is clearly and sometimes completely visible, less flesh in the bosom and how the head appears to be elevated and stretched from the body.

Audrey Hepburn (UK) – The legendary British actress Audrey Hepburn is another example of a Shankhini woman.


Gina Jin (China): This is another startling example of a swan neck Shankhini woman. Look how the neck stands out and resembles a swan, and the bone cage is almost bursting out of the body.

Morena Baccarin (Brazil)

Elle Fanning ( United States of America)

13. Description of a Hastini woman – The Hastini or “Elephant” woman has a slower gait, her feets are clumsy and small, her beck is fleshy and her breasts are big and swollen. Her hair is tawney, she likes to eat a lot, her lips are large, she never gets satisfaction on copulation. Her voice is choked and her hips are projected outwards like a vessel.

She is usually of short height and walks like an Elephant, not minding anyone in her way and going about her business without worrying too much about onlookers (like an Elephant).

Indian actress Hema Malini is a good example of a Hasthini woman. Even in her active years, you can easily see that she was not as slim as other actresses. Although, I must note that her facial features are sometimes similar to that of a Padmini woman, but her overall representation and structural getup is that of a Hasthini. She is likely a Hastini – Padmini hybrid.

Qualities And Characteristics Seen In Different Types Of Women

After giving a detailed description of the 4 broad categories of women, the author (Kalyan Malla) dives deep into more details in terms of general characteristics, qualities, behaviors, sexual preferences and “visual signals” seen in women and interprets what that means.

1. A woman’s entire life can be divided into 6 broad age groups. Of these 6 age groups, she is open to love making in 3 of them while the rest three is considered unfit for love making.

  • Age group : 0 to 8 years – This stage is called the “Kanya” stage where the woman is a child and not open to romantic relationships apart from love from parents, siblings, relatives and known family members.
  • Age group: 8 to 11 years – This stage is called the “Gauri” stage where the woman is still a child but just on the border of entering puberty. Time is preparing her how to handle relationships and emotions. This is her observation phase where she is observing certain things around her and learning by seeing, hearing, observing etc. She is not open to romantic relationships at this stage.
  • Age group : 11 to 16 years – This stage is called the “Bala” stage and the woman is ready and open for romantic relationships but does not know how to involve in a congress. A congress at this age is preferred at darkness and the subject is to be addressed by small gifts or presents, flowers, etc.
  • Age group: 16 to 30 years – This stage is called the “Taruni” stage and the woman is open for romantic relationships and thirsty for congress. This is the peak age starting at 16 where the desire for congress is maximum. A congress at this age is preffered at light and the subject is to be addressed by ornaments, jewellery, dresses, pearls, garments etc.
  • Age group: 30 to 55 years – This stage is called the “Praudha” stage and the woman is open for romantic relationships but not as thirsty as the previous stage. A congress at this age is preferred in both darkness and light. The subject is to be addressed by kindness, love, conversations, politeness and compassion. Do not try flattery, gifts, ornaments with women at this stage, the chances of it working in your favour is less.
  • Age group: 55 until death – This stage is called the “Viddha” stage and the woman is unfit for congress or romantic relationships. The subject is to be addressed with flattery, praises and appreciation.

2. The author now tells us the sexual temperment in women and gives a broad classification in three segments.

High temperment (“Uchha”) – The woman who has bright eyes, clean teeth and nails, the one whose body is well maintained and whose limbs do not lose weight, whose waist line is narrow while the hipline is broad, has long straight hair, whose bosom is orbiculate, the one whose yoni is cool, fleshy yet delicate and the one who has love in her heart for her husband – is the woman with the highest temperment in the art of making congress. This is the best cateogry as far as sexual temperment is concerned.

Moderate Temperment (“Madhyama”) – Next comes the woman whose skin is white, whose bosom is lose and flaccid and not circular, whose eyes and nails are red, whose perspiration is sour, whose Yoni is hot and hard, whose reactions are unpredictable, the one who is short tempered, suddenly angry and suddenly in sheer joy is the woman who is well versed in the art of congress but cannot endure it for a long time. Her temperment is considered moderate.

Low Temperment (“Kanisthha”) – Lastly comes the woman whose body is hard, rough and coarse, whose eyes and finger nails are blackish, whose yoni is rough as the tongue of a cow, her laugh is harsh, her mind set on food and overeating, the one who is very talkative is the woman who can hardly be satisfied in congress. She is of windy temperment and the worst of the three categories.

3. The four main orders of women are Padmini, Chitrini, Shankini and Hasthini which I have already explained in detail. The author now gives a narrow classification of “Stri” (woman) which is a derivative from the above mentioned four orders.

Devasatva-stri – This woman is cheerful and lively, pure-bodied and clean, with perspiration perfumed like the lotus-flower; she is clever, wealthy and hard working, has sweet speech, she is benevolent. This woman is a godly woman and is part of the Padmini family.

Gandharvasarva Stri – This woman is beautiful in shape, very patient and obedient, has an inclination to perfumes, flowers, singing, playing, good dress and ornaments and enjoys amorous play “Vilasa”, well versed with the art of making congress. This woman is a part of the Chitrini family.

Munushyasatva Stri – This woman is very humanatarian and has a lot of compassion for weak, poor, someone who is sick and needy, she has great love for animals and birds. She delights in the pleasures of friendship and hospitality. She is respectable and honest, her mind is free from guile, and she is never tired of religious actions, vows, and penances. This woman is of “motherly nature” and descends from the Shankhini family.

Yakshasatva Stri – This woman has large and fleshy breasts, with a skin fair as the white champaka-flower, she is fond of flesh, liquor, addiction, she is devoid of shame and decency; passionate and irascible, and at all hours greedy for congress. Such a woman can hardly be satisfied. This woman is a part of the Hasthini family.

The family classification is unknown for the below 5 classifications and a congress is not recommended by the author.

Pisachasatva Stri – The woman who is concerned with the class of demons, has a short body, very dark and hot, with a forehead ever wrinkled; she is unclean, greedy, fond of flesh and forbidden things and however much enjoyed, she is ever eager for congress like a prostitute.

Nagasatva Stri –  Also known as the snake woman, is always in hurry and confusion; her eyes look drowsy, she yawns over and over again, and she sighs with deep drawn respiration, her mind is forgetful and she lives in doubt and suspicion.

Kakasatva Stri – This woman who has the characteristics of a crow, ever rolls her eyes about as if in pain, throughout the day she wants food, she is silly, unhappy and unreasonable, spoiling everything that she touches.

Vanarasatva Stri – Also known as the monkey woman, rubs her eyes throughout the day, grinds and chatters with her teeth, and displays sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind.

Kharasatva Stri – Also known as the “Donkey woman” who has the characteristics of a donkey, is very unclean, stubborn, harsh spoken, avoids bathing, washing, very argumentative, speaks without reason and awkwardly, has a crooked mind. This woman pleases noone.

4. A woman who eats twice as much as a man, is four times more reckless and wicked, six times more determined and stubborn, and eight times more violent in sexual desires. She can hardly control her lust of congress, despite the shame which is the natural ornament of a woman. The woman whose bosom is hard and fleshy, who appears short from the fullness of her frame, and looks bright and light-coloured, such a one is known to enjoy daily congress with her husband. The woman who is thin and appears very tall, somewhat dark, whose limbs and body are unenergetic and weak, is the one who longs for a partner or a husband for a long time without success. Such a lady is called the “Virahini“.

Signs Of Indifference And “Denial” In Women

The author notes the following 8 behaviors seen in women when she is indifferent to her man, to her husband or to her lover

  • The woman avoids eye contact and does not look straight into his eyes
  • If anything is asked, she shows unwillingness to reply. She will give very short, direct answers without much explanation. She will speak less and converge to “silence”.
  • If the man draw near her, she looks indifferent and shows signs of apathy.
  • If the man departs from home for work, she feels relieved and shows symptoms of satisfaction
  • During night when the couple is about to sleep, she will turn sideways hiding her face from the husband and refuse to speak. She will act as if she is trying to sleep but she is fully awake and holding her fortress of “Silence”
  • When kissed or toyed with, she jerks away her face and turns away from him.
  • She starts to develop malicious feelings towards another man, the husband’s cousins or brothers or his friends; and finally, she has no respect for his family

When these signs are seen, the woman is already in denial from conjugal desires. Such a woman must be dealt and handled with care, as she is a “ticking time bomb” a “sleeping lioness” and very dangerous. The only known way to alleviate such a situation is through mild, soft conversations, confessions, and opening the doors to her heart with the keys of honesty, compassion and warmth. Foolish is the man who tries to use flattery, gifts, wealth, arrangements, tours, journeys, vacations, material objects to please such a woman who has already turned her face away from him.

Romantic and Sexual Orientation Of Different Types of Women

1. Different classes of women react differently to romantic gestures and sexual pleasures during the different Praharas of the day.

For maximum pleasure, the author recommends

  • A Chitrini woman should be dealt with at the 1st Prahar of day or night
  • A Hastini during the 2nd prahar of day or night
  • A Sankhini should be welcomed at the 3rd prahar of day or night
  • While the most beloved Padmini is to be enjoyed during the 4th prahara of day or night.

The below table gives the ideal time in night and day praharas when different classes of women derive the greatest pleasure in love making and congress.

Night Praharas
Prahara 1 (6 PM – 9 PM) Prahara 2 (9 PM – 12 PM) Prahara 3 (12 PM – 3 AM) Prahara 4 (3 AM – 6 AM)
Hasthini Hasthini Hasthini Hasthini
Day Praharas
Prahara 1 (6 AM – 9 AM) Prahara 2 (9 AM – 12 AM) Prahara 3 (12 AM – 3 PM) Prahara 4 (3 PM – 6 PM)
Padmini Padmini Padmini Padmini
Hasthini Hasthini

As it can be noticed from the above table,

  • The Padmini takes no satisfaction in night congress, she is throgouhly averse to it. She is more energetic during the day and opens up only during the 4th prahara of the night. Like the “Surya Kamala” (day lotus) which opens its eyes to the sun light, the Padmini woman is satisfied even by a boy husband in the bright hours.
  • The Chitrini and the Shankhini woman derive no satisfaction from a congress conducted during the day. They are referred to as the “Chandra Kamala”, the lotus flower that expands with the rays of the moon.
  • The Hasthini woman with a higher sexual appetite ignores these delicate distinctions. Being the corsest, she is always open for a congress and derives equal satisfaction regardless of the time, except the first two day praharas.

2.  Sexual satisfaction in men and women is mostly determined by two things

A. Of what proportions the woman is made up of.
B. Whether the woman is paired with a man who has the ability to fulfil the need of that particular proportion.

The man’s sexual abilities does not matter as much as whether the proportion is a right fit or not. For example, a Bull man may not be able to satisfy a Karini woman with 1/3rd characteristics of Padmini in her. That is not the fault of the man. That is the fault of the incompatible proportions the woman has which the Bull man is not able to cope up with.

3. The situations when a woman can be easily satisfied are

  • When she is tired with bodily exercise or too much household work.
  • After a long want of intercourse with her husband, such as in the case of a “Virahini”
  • A maiden who is having congress for the first time in hiding and in absolute secrecy
  • After a month of Childbirth
  • Earlier stages of Pregnancy
  • If recently cured of fever or a long stretching disease
  • When feeling unusually happy because of some event or achievement
  • When she is sleepy or dull or without any energy
  • Immediately after the menstrual cycle has ended
  • Throughout the spring season
  • During lightning, thunder or heavy rain when the outside world appears to fall apart, the woman anchors the man as a means of protection and enjoys love making the most.

4. The sensory points in a woman’s body changes, depending on the day of a lunar fortnight. This again depends on the temper-mental characteristic of that particular woman and will not match with any other woman in general. However, a broad classification has been done and is presented below

  • 1st day of light fortnight (Shukla paksha) – Toes
  • 2nd day — Foot
  • 3rd day — Calf of Leg
  • 4th day — Knees
  • 5th day — Yoni (a woman receives the maximum pleasure on the 5th day of the lunar fortnight. This is not to be confused with an individual’s menstrual cycle. There is a theory behind it as well, but that is not discussed in the work of Ananga ranga)
  • 6th day – Buttocks
  • 7th day — Navel
  • 8th day — Breasts
  • 9th day — Breasts
  • 10th day — Neck
  • 11th day — Throat
  • 12th day — Right Cheek
  • 13th day — Lower lip
  • 14th day — Right eye
  • 15th day or dark fortnight (Krishna Paksha)– Head and hair

The above is a general observation. A padmini women and a shankhini women will differ on a given day depending again on the individual proportion she is made up of. For example, a Padmini women on her 5th day likes to be loved in her face/cheeks/hair while a shankhini woman on her 9th day likes to be made love with force. It depends and varies from one proportion to another.

For a complete reference, please refer to the tables of “Chandrakala” mentioned in the original work of the author. I am giving an example of the “manipulations of Padmini” as mentioned in Chandrakala Table IV

Manipulations of a Padmini

5. Just like the sensory points in a woman’s body changes in different days of the lunar fortnight, the author recommends specific days to satisfy different orders of women.

In the own words of the author

Having thus laid down the four classes of women, I am hereby giving a table of the times in which each order derives the greatest amount of pleasure from the veneral rite. These periods must be remembered by heart and students will remember that on the other days not specified, no amount of congress will satisfy passion. Read then and master the elements yourself.

  • Pratipada, Dwitiya, Chaturthi, Panchami – 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th – Satisfy the Padmini woman.
  • Shasthi, Ashtami, Dashami, Dwadashi – 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th – Satisfy the Chitrini woman.
  • Tritiya, Saptami, Ekadashi, Trayodashi – 3rd, 7th, 11th and 13th – Satisfy the Shankhini woman.
  • Navami, Chaturdashi, Poornima, Amavasya – 9th, 14th, full moon, new moon – Satisfy the Hasthini woman.

Forbidden, “Go Betweens”, “Easy to seduce” and “Hard to Please”

Now the author gives specific situational examples when a man is forbidden to approach a woman, when a man can approach a “go-between”, types of women who can be easily seduced and categories of women who are hard to please.

Women who should never be seduced or approached for congress

The following 4 categories of women under all circumstances are to be excluded from any sort of romantic or sexual advances from a man.

  1. The wife of a Brahmin
  2. The wife of a Shrotiya Brahman learned in the Vedas
  3. The wife of an Agnihotri (a priest who keeps up the sacred fire)
  4. The wife of a Puranik (reader of the Puranas).

To look at such a woman, or to think of her with a view of sensual desires is highly improper and considered a cardinal sin. Likewise, a man who tries to attract, seduce or start an affair with the wife of a Khastriya (king, or any man of the warrior caste), of a friend or within his relatives, prepares himself to go to hell (“Naraka”). The author strongly warns his readers to avoid these deadly sins.

Next, the author mentions 23 categories of women who should never be approoached or seduced how much ever a man is tempted.

  1. A virgin without marrying her
  2. A widow who lives alone and shows no sign of affection and leads a modest, lone life with her children.
  3. A woman living chastely or virtuously with her husband
  4. The wife of a friend
  5. The wife of a foe
  6. Any of the reverend women specified above (wife of a brahmin, shrotiya, puranik and agnihotri)
  7. The wife of a pupil or a disciple
  8. A woman born in one’s own family
  9. A woman who has been defiled
  10. An insane woman
  11. A woman older than oneself.
  12. The wife of a Guru, spiritual tutor, instructor or guide
  13. One’s mother in law
  14. One’s maternal aunt
  15. The wife of one’s maternal uncle
  16. One’s paternal aunt
  17. One’s paternal uncle’s wife
  18. A sister (including cousins)
  19. A pregnant woman
  20. A woman with whom one is not acquainted
  21. A woman who has committed mortal sins and crimes
  22. Awoman whose complexion is entirely yellow
  23. A woman whose complexion is quite black.

It is laid down in the Shastras that the wise should never, under any circumstances, have connection with these twenty-three kinds of women.

Go Betweens

According to the author, the following is a list who serve as go-betweens which means, they can be approached in specific situations only.

  1. A gardener’s wife.
  2. A woman who is a personal friend. Specially that woman who initiates conversations with you on her own.
  3. Third, a widow under specific dire circumstances.
  4. A nurse.
  5. A dancing girl.
  6. A woman engaged in manual or mechanical arts.
  7. A servant or maid.
  8. An attendant or a personal secretary at work.
  9. A woman who goes from house to house speaking sweet words.
  10. A woman with whom we can talk freely about love and enjoyment.
  11. A young woman under sixteen.
  12. A female ascetic or mendicant in the name of religion.
  13. A woman who sells milk and buttermilk.
  14. A tailoress.
  15. A woman fit to be called “Mistress Grandmother”. ( I couldn’t quite decipher this kind and interpret what the author means here)
Easily Subdued or SeducedThe following is a list of the women who can most easily be subdued.

  1. A woman whose deportment shows signs of immodesty.
  2. A widow who is seen giving subtle hints and signals.
  3. A woman who is highly accomplished in singing, in playing musical instruments, and in similar pleasant arts.
  4. A woman who is fond of conversations.
  5. A woman steeped in poverty.
  6. The wife of an impotent person.
  7. The wife of a fat bellied man.
  8. The wife of a cruel and wicked man.
  9. The wife of one who is shorter than herself.
  10. The young wife of an old man with a huge age difference
  11. The wife of a very ugly man.
  12. A woman accustomed to stand in the doorway and to stare at passers-by.
  13. A women of variable disposition.
  14. A barren woman, especially if she and her husband desire the blessing of issue.
  15. A woman who brags and boasts.
  16. A woman who has long been separated from her husband, and deprived of her natural refreshment.
  17. A woman who has never learned the real delight of carnal copulation
  18. A woman whose mind, behaviors and attitude is girlish and “child like”.

Hard to Subdue or Seduce

The following women are hard to be subdued

  1. The wife who is full of love for her husband.
  2. The woman whose cold desires and contempt for congress keep her chaste.
  3. The woman who is envious of another’s prosperity and success.
  4. The mother of many children.
  5. A dutiful daughter or daughter-in-law.
  6. A courteous and respectful woman.
  7. A woman who fears and stands in awe of her parents and those of her husband.
  8. A wealthy woman, who ever suspects and often wrongly, that we love her money better than herself.
  9. A woman who is shy, bashful, and retiring in the presence of strangers.
  10. An avaricious and covetous woman.
  11. A woman who has no avarice or covetousness.

Such women are not easily secured, nor is it worth our while to waste our hours in pursuing them.

Forbidden Places for Congress

The following are the places where a congress between men and women and strictly prohibited

  1. First, the place where fire is lighted with the religious formula Agni-mukha and other Mantras.
  2. In the presence of a Brahman or any other reverend man.
  3. Under the eyes of an aged person, to whom respect is due, as a Guru (spiritual guide), or a father.
  4. When a great man is looking on.
  5. By the side of a river or any murmuring stream.
  6. At a Panwata, a place erected for drawing water from wells, tanks and so forth.
  7. In a temple dedicated to the gods.
  8. In a fort or castle.
  9. In a guard-room, police-station, or in any government place where prisoners are confined.
  10. On a highway.
  11. In a house of another person.
  12. In the forest.
  13. In an open place, such as a meadow or an upland.
  14. On ground where men are buried or burned.

The consequences of carnal connection at such places are always disastrous; they breed misfortunes, and if children are begotten, these turn out bad and malicious persons.

Compatibility Between Different Classes Of Men and Women

16. The greatest compatibility comes through a consistency in dimensions and the discomfort increases with the ratio of difference.

Type of Man Type of Woman Compatibility
Sashaka (Hare man) Mrigi (Deer Woman) Uttama (Excellent)
Vrishabha (Bull man) Karini (Elephant Woman) Uttama (Excellent)
Ashva (Horse man) Karini (Elephant Woman) Uttama (Excellent)
Sashaka (Hare man) Vadva (Mare woman) Madhyama (Moderate)
Vrishabha (Bull man) Vadva (Mare woman) Madhyama (Moderate)
Ashva (Horse man) Vadva (Mare woman) Madhyama (Moderate)
Sashaka (Hare man) Karini (Elephant Woman) Kanishthha (Not recommended)
Vrishabha (Bull man) Mrigi (Deer Woman) Kanishthha (Not recommended)
Ashva (Horse man) Mrigi (Deer Woman) Kanishthha (Not recommended)
  1. Sashaka (Hare man ) + Mrigi (Deer woman) = Uttama (Excellent)
  2. Sashaka (Hare man ) + Vadva (Mare woman) = Madhyama (Moderate)
  3. Sashaka (Hare man)  + Karini (Elephant woman) = Kanistha (Not recommended)
  4. Vrishabha (Bull man) + Karini (Elephant woman) = Uttama (Excellent)
  5. Vrishabha (Bull man) + Vadva (Mare woman) = Madhyama (Moderate)
  6. Vrishabha (Bull man) + Mrigi (Deer woman) = Kanistha (Not recommended)
  7. Ashva (Horse man) + Karini (Elephant woman) = Uttama (Excellent)
  8. Ashva (Horse man) + Vadva (Mare woman) = Madhyama (Moderate)
  9. Ashva (Horse man) + Mrigi (Deer woman) = Kanistha (Not recommended).

So as we can see, the Mrigi (deer woman) has to always find a Sashaka to get the most pleasure. The Vadva gets the same pleasure from any man while the Karini has to always avoid the Sashaka and she would be fine. By the laws of probability, the mrigi woman is the most deprived of finding a suitable partner and the Karini woman has abundant choices. The Vadva woman is indifferent to the types of men and does not even have a choice of good, better and best.

15. Men should know of some visual cues which possibly indicates whether a woman desires to make love or not.

  • A woman who wants to be intimate with a man will often rub and smoothes her own hair, so that it may look well
  • She scratches her head so that notice may be drawn towards it.
  • She strokes her own cheeks to entice her husband or lover.
  • In a family function when guests have arrived, the maiden looks at her lover from a distance, from the kitchen or from behind the curtains, hides her face and then steps away in shame or nervousness.
  • She draws her dress over her bosom, apparently to re-adjust it but leaves her breasts slightly exposed
  • Will hug young children (specially boys) and kiss them as often
  • At times, she looks ashamed without a proper cause or reason (a result of her own warm fancies)
  • Sometimes she sits quietly in a corner, engrossed by strong concupiscence
  • Bites her lower lip or chews it
  • Embraces female friends in public, laughing loudly and speaking sweet words with jokes and jests to expect a return of it’s kind
  • Looks over her shoulders and arms
  • Walks unsteadily, turns her head back and sideways while stopping during her walk and then continues walking with unsteadiness as if she is thinking something or waiting for someone in the path.
  • Stammers for no reason, does not speak clearly or distinctly
  • She throws herself in her husband’s way or lover’s way when they are working and wants him to look at her and appreciate her. And if such is not the case, she walks hastily away from him so that he follows her to enquire what’s the matter and whether he has done anything wrong.

To end the article, the text of “Kamasutra” and “Ananga Ranga” is not to be viewed as an erotic story. It is a detailed and thoroughly exhaustive work of understanding different subjects, their orientation and use the knowledge to to find the right suitor for partnership, love making or to get a partner for life. Knowledge of these things helps a man or a woman make certain decisions based on ancient research by Indian scholars and using their techniques of observation / statistical analysis. How you take the work is completely upto you and your perception on the subject.

I strongly urge both men and women to read these texts before deciding to get married or after they are married. It will help you understand the opposite sex better and you will greatly benefit from your interactions with the opposite sex, be your partner or a colleague or a stranger. For example, if you are dealing with a Vrishabha man, you should not indulge in direct confrontation and would take serious matters in presence of a known person. Again, when dealing with a Padmini woman whom you like or want to make love with, you should first try to please her by showing your qualities, strengths, valour and achievements and not try to impress her with flattery or gifts which she will not like.

The knowledge of these small details will help you understand the opposite sex better and will prepare you for better interactions to attain desired objectives.

Footnote: I have used the examples of actors and actresses because it makes it easier to explain the concept since actors and actresses have sharp facial and physical features which common people lack.Common men and women also have these features but to smaller details and proportions, not easily recognisable to someone who does not know how to read these features to the smallest detail.

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