Story #1

There was a kingdom where everything was equal. Everyone was happy and everyone was treated equally. Crime, theft, ignorance was there but there was equality everywhere.

A wise man visited this kingdom with his student and seeing this equality state, he told the student

This place is hell. We must run away and abaondon this place. You must abandon a place where everyone is treated equally. This is “Andher nagari”.

The student denied. He argued that they must stay here and find out the reason why everyone is treated equally.

Meanwhile, some criminal committed a crime and the courtman was looking for the criminal so that they can hang the criminal, since this was the rule. The shopkeepers said that the criminal was tall and dark.

The courtman could not find the criminal as he had escaped. He then caught the student who was tall and dark and said

You are tall and dark. Let me hang you.

The student said – But why? I am not the criminal.

Courtman – So what? This is an equal state and we are looking for someone tall and dark so we can hang him. You qualify that. Here everyone is treated equally and my task is to hang someone who is tall and dark.

They hanged the student since his attributes qualified with that of the criminal and they had to hang someone who fitted the criminal’s description.

Any place which does not have inequality is bound to collapse for inequality is the law of nature.

“Matsya nyaya” -> The bigger fish will eat the smaller fish and the smaller fish will eat the even smaller fish, this is how the world works.

There is another story related to inequality.

Story #2

One day a King found a rabbit who was being chased by an Eagle. The king had mercy on the Rabit, so he took the rabbit in his arms and provided him shelter.

“Why are you providing him shelter? ” Said the Eagle.

“Because I am the king and you are a threat to him. My duty is to preserve the weak”, Said the king.

“But if you not let the rabbit go, what will I eat? I will die out of starvation. Am I not a citizen of your kingdom?”, said the Eagle

“Take my flesh, but I won’t let the weak suffer for your need of food”, the King said.

“But how long can you provide me flesh. You will die tomorow. Then I will have to eat the Rabbit”, the Eagle said.

The king then realized that it is impossible to break the rules of inequality which nature has established and then it let the rabbit go and be eaten by the Eagle.

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