Happiness is a how, not a what. A talent, not an object.

The pursuit of Happiness itself is a mistake. You cannot pursue Happiness.

Let us break it down.

Pursuit == The act of chasing something.

Happiness == A momentary feeling which is independent of the attributes and scenarios of a man.

Now you are chasing something which is but just temporary. What you are chasing is just a momentary pleasure. “Pursuit” means you are chasing and you are merely shifting the goalpost of what “Happiness” looks like, thereby making it impossible to reach happiness.

You are the instrument. You define happiness as “X” and the moment you get “X” you become restless and unhappy. Then you define happiness as “Y” and chase it. The moment you get Y, you become unhappy and want Z.

Who in this world is happy? Nobody can ever be happy, that’s impossible. You can feel “Fulfilled”, that is a different thing altogether. You have a house, a job, a partner, children, some bank balance, nice friends … a passion in life. This is fulfillment. Do not confuse these for Happiness.

You thought travelling will make you happy? Go travel to a place and live there for 30 days. You will feel refreshed but a time will come when you will not like to live there anymore.

You thought getting a job will make you happy? Go get a job, earn money, work for the man and a day will come when you will not be happy anymore.

You thought getting married will make you happy? Go get married, have a nice honeymoon, make love, raise kids and a day will come when you will not be happy anymore.

You thought making lot of money will make you happy? Go make money, have a lot of savings, quit your job, go to an island and chill off. You won’t be happy anymore.

This is because whatever you had defined as “Happiness” is no longer the definition anymore. You have yourself changed the definition of happiness.

Hence the pursuit itself is meaningless. Nobody can reach that utopian state when they are happy forever. The moment you reach it, it goes somewhere else.

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