Everybody has a unique voice in their head, which is constantly telling them what to do and what not to do.

Don’t eat that. Don’t go that way. Don’t waste time. Do this, do that.

The voice in your head is not always right. Sometimes it is, while most of the times, it is just doing childish fun to see what you do next.

This is synonymous to a master and a dog. You are the dog while the voice in your head is the master. The master throws a stick and the dog runs to grab it, not knowing the purpose of grabbing the stick. The dog then brings the same stick to his master and waits for the master to throw it again and again and in this process, the dog is simply tiring itself.

We wake up everyday with an almost clean head. But at the end of the day, we are tired and crushed. This strain is not produced by the amount of work we do but by the amount of thoughts we think.

Most of these thoughts are simply junk.

To validate this, you can do a simple experiment. Carry a notepad with you and keep writing whatever crossed your head on any given day.

Here is a typical example

— I don’t want to bathe today.
— Will be late for office.
— Need to buy new shoes.
— Where is my mobile charger?
— Need to get the car cleaned.
— It’s too hot outside.
— The traffic is as usual, mad.
— Not too late for office but it seems everyone is done with breakfast.
— Need to finish up work really fast and submit it before lunch.
— Another boring meeting.
— These headphones are too loud.
— My colleague is not paying me attention today.
— The elevator is always crowded.
— There is no cigarette shop inside the campus.
— He always gives me task after lunch.
— These systems are not upgraded and I end up spending more time than needed.
— Need to return home. Long commute

And then some more.

The day ends.Notice that almost all of the thoughts that crossed your head has something in common.


I had followed this experiment ended up having more than a hundred junk thoughts on a day. When I looked at the list I was baffled

Just look at this madness. How can I even think of all these things on any given day? And you expect me to be happy when I am thinking about all the unnecessary things in life?

Your are always contradicting yourself and ending up in self conflict. Contradiction and self conflict is the mother of more conflicts and as inner conflicts cross a threshold, your peace is crushed.

The voice in your head clamors for peace and perfection, not knowing that the voice itself is the biggest barrier towards it.

Try to calm down the voice in your head. Do not listen to it all the while, it is a dangerous beast which will delude you into a ditch of self pity. How you calm it down is completely up to you. It depends on individual nature and preference and you have to find the setting yourself.

Some people calm it down by playing video games. When the head experiences achievement, the hunger is met and the voice cools down. Some people cool it down with good food, some with books, some with movies while some with friends. It is a personal call.

But the voice in your head is not always right. It is just tinkering with your soul, don’t allow it to overpower you. Ignorance is not a vice here.

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