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Service to human kind is considered superior to Brahmacharya. Anyone whose intent is clean and is working towards the betterment of Human kind is a “righteous” person and his position is superior than a Brahmachari.

Many people actually don’t know what “professional growth” looks like. Which is why we see so many people complaining about their jobs, their career, life and are dissatisfied with whatever they are doing. This dissatisfaction or confusion is born when the subject is unaware, is mostly looking for clues and wants to know what is the right path.

The true devotee is the one who has learned the art of love beyond all means. You must not complain about your surroundings, government, situations and continue to love everyone and serve the needy, that is the primary clause for true worship. You must learn how to forgive people, forgive your enemies, forgive the wrong doers and love everyone in equal spirit

Disability is a malfunction. It can be physical malfunction, emotional malfunction, mental or behavioural malfunction. The fact that you don’t have a broken limb doesn’t mean you aren’t disable. You could be mentally disable. It is possible that you are behaviourally disable. Disability can exist in different forms and shapes.

Lakshmi will chase Vishnu, the value creator. Whoever creates value, Lakshmi will chase him and stay with him. But not forever. She will abandon her lord and will find a new one in due time.

If you don’t know the why, you will not persist. You will give up, sooner than later, this is fundamental rule. Very few people actually know the “WHY” of something. And only those people persist till the end, regardless of success / failure, external conditions and temporary turbulence.

Marriage is not a natural phenomenon. Marriage is a cultural phenomenon. Man has invented marriage. Man has invented marriage to fulfil his own desires.

The human body is basically an energy system. You can keep it with many openings and transact with the world in a certain way or you can make this into a close-circuit system so that it becomes integrated. Brahmacharya is a virtuous path which helps the subject understand his own identity. The foundation of “Yoga” lies in perfect observance of Brahmacharya.

What does the Vedas state about the position of women in society, family, industry or any generic place? Was oppression of the other sex always a norm in the culture? If Yes, what is the reason? If No, why do we see this behavior prevail in our culture