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Brahmacharya is a virtue, where it means celibacy when unmarried, and fidelity when married. It represents a virtuous lifestyle that includes simple living, meditation and other behaviors

Money can give you happiness. At the same time, money can make your life miserable. Money is just a technology, how one uses it to achieve happiness and fulfillment is up to the subject.

Destiny takes shape with your actions. How you act now decides what your tomorrow will be. If you abandon your karma, your destiny won’t help you. Destiny is a function of your karma, the reverse is not true.

We have the 3rd reader question from Shweta – I want to know what to do when someone feels lost? No happiness, no goals, no direction, no aim, no wishes only so many pain ?

First of all, a curse is not at all a bad thing. Neither is boon a very good thing. Good and bad is on the subject and his point of view. A curse and a boon is just a “Cause” given to the subject by the elevated soul. A curse or boon can be delivered by Gods, Rishi, a Brahman, a mendicant or anyone who has liberated his mind.

The first reader question by Auro You mentioned that Draupadi did not love all husbands equally and that’s why she went to hell. But how is it justifiable? How can she have equal love to