Articles On Money

Lakshmi will chase Vishnu, the value creator. Whoever creates value, Lakshmi will chase him and stay with him. But not forever. She will abandon her lord and will find a new one in due time.

Poverty is manifested when “Value” is stored. Nature has no preference for the strong or the weak. No matter who you are, you have to work, hunt your food – you cannot use technology to store your need for tomorrow. Humans have figured out how to store value which causes poverty at a massive scale and sadly, there is no way to undo this.

Money can give you happiness. At the same time, money can make your life miserable. Money is just a technology, how one uses it to achieve happiness and fulfillment is up to the subject.

Split your income in 4 parts. Let’s assume your income is X. One part goes into meeting your expenses that meets basic needs. So your expenses is X/4. One part goes in savings. So your

Happiness has nothing to do with abundance or lack of wealth. It is the absence of wealth and the chase which makes life worthwhile, not abundance.

Wealth is a necessity but most of us forget the fact that the chase to accumulate wealth is never ending. You will never have enough and if you give money the power to make you happy or sad, you will always be sad.