Almost everyone is seeking something.

The ascetic is also seeking something – “Nothingness”. So when you say that I am seeking nothing, you are still seeking at least one thing – the desire to seek nothing, which is again some kind of pursuit.

On a broad level, we can summarize this as – everyone is seeking perfection. Everyone is trying to reach that “perfect” state through one phenomenon or behavior – addition.

  • I need a degree.
  • I need a job.
  • I need money.
  • I need a spouse.
  • I need a child.
  • I need a car.
  • I need a house.
  • I need a bank balance.
  • I need security.
  • I need health insurance.
  • I need to own a company.
  • I need peace.
  • I need happiness.
  • I need recognition.
  • I need freedom.

And then some more.

Notice that all of these needs are “Additive” in nature. There is no negation involved in the pursuit of “reaching the goal”. Irrespective of what your goal is, you are observing one phenomenon – “To Add”.

The phenomenon is always in upward direction. Accumulation is becoming a habit and we assume that in order to “reach” the goal, all we need to do is keep adding.

Vedanta Philosophy tells the subject to stop adding and negate once in a while. Negation is equally important since you will not reach the goal through mere addition and accumulation. You will also have to negate and let go of things that aren’t required.

Realization of goal is already inside you, one has to simply remove the veils.

It is almost like a sculptor who takes a stone and starts chipping away at it. He chips away what is unnecessary and what is left is the image that he wants.


Then he adds a lump of clay and starts perfecting his image. He waits for the lump to solidify and then starts chipping away the unnecessary parts with utmost caution. He does not keep on adding lumps of clay obliviously. He negates, adds, negates, adds, negates and then what is left is the image of the diety he worships.

Same is the case with your life.

In pursuit of your life, mere addition is not enough.

You must chip away the unnecessary things and more than adding, chipping away is important. You are just a Rock and your mind is the sculptor. The mind must use a tool to chip away unnecessary rubbish and add lumps of clay when it is required to form the image. Then the mind should rest and allow the lump to solidify, so that it can again chip away the unnecessary parts.

An Example – The Wise man Vs the Illiterate Laborer.

So there was once a learned man who went to a Yogi with a simple question

When will I attain self realization?

The Yogi replied

It will take you 6 years to attain self realization, provided you start working towards it.

In some time came a laborer came and said

When I work and plough the field, I feel eternal bliss. I don’t know what happens to me, I keep working in the field in open sun but I don’t feel tired. I don’t feel pain, I don’t feel thirsty. Then I come to you to seek wisdom, although I haven’t read any books or the shastras, but I feel a wonderful stillness. Can you tell me when will I reach the absolute?

The Yogi said

Very soon. It will take a couple of months, you are almost there.

The wise man said

What did you say? Here I am who has dedicated all his life in the yearning of knowledge and you say that this illiterate man will reach it in two months, while it will take me 6 years to reach that state?

The Yogi replied

Sir, although you have a lot of knowledge but you haven’t negated anything. It will take you Six years to negate and clean the rubbish you have accumulated inside your head.

A point is reached when you reach the absolute end of negation. What remains is what you are seeking. Your pursuit will not bear fruit if you do not negate. Letting go is equally important.

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