Skill is precision, while art is vision.

Skill is expertise or mastery of representation while Art is the thought associated behind the reasons of representation.

This painting is Art.

This painting represents the thought of a 4-year-old child. Although the child is not skilled enough, he has conveyed an original thought from his head and is able to express his thought. By this painting, the child is trying to convey a message – people having awesome fun on a sunny day. The theme is happiness.

So this is art. And that too a valuable one.

However, this is not Art

This painter has painted a magnificent image of Monalisa but he is not representing a thought. This painter has made a replica. He has amazing skills and he might be an artist but this is not artwork. He is not sending a message from his head, since the original idea is of Leonardo Da Vinci’s.

So although skill and art are close sisters, they come with their differences.

This is also true for Writing.

You can write broken pieces, full of grammatical mistakes but if it strikes the right chord, it is art.  Remember, not every artist has to be great since the artist alone knows the “real” value of his creation. However, you can write a verbose of Shakespearean sonets but if it doesn’t strike the right chord, it is just a skill.

It all boils down to whether you want to write stuff beautifully (skill) or you want to write beautiful stuff (art).

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