Love is not supposed to last forever. Love Fades.

Love is a formless imaginary construct in your head. Animals don’t love. Animals find partner for mating and then they move on to another partner. We are animals too and we keep chasing the imaginary form of affection through out our lives.

This is called “Maya”.

Love is born out of imaginary thinking. You “imagine” love.

Animals cannot imagine. An Animal hunts down its food for the day and rests, it doesn’t go around and “save” food for tomorrow. An animal doesn’t imagine and thinks about the future and acts. It is just keen on the present.

Humans can “think” and hence, we “think” about “love”, “affection” and crave for it all the time. It is our myth that drives us to “fall” in love, which itself is completely unreal and deceptive.

Affection exists. When you meet a child, the feeling that emerges in your heart is affection. This is same feeling you get when you caress a dog or another animal. The animal also has that feeling of affection.

Habits last. Most people who are together for a long time, are mostly habituated to each other and don’t want to take the drive to move on. They are habituated and convinced with the idea of living together and cannot break that habit. Love between them has changed its form and continues to change, since “Maya” won’t let anyone rest in peace.

People who get divorced know how to break habits and move on. They are more animalistic and “natural” in behavior.

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