Imagine a Lion.

A young Lion is not as powerful, so he hunts rabbits to make a living. The lion is fed up of hunting rabbits and now wants to hunt down a wildebeest.

But the number of wildebeests in the jungle is very low. And there are more powerful and hungry Lions out there, waiting to kill a wildebeest.

What will happen if that young lion stops hunting rabbits, hoping that he will hunt a wildebeest and satisfy his hunger? There is a high chance that the young lion will starve and die.

So what does the lion do? The lion keeps hunting rabbits, makes friends with other lions, forms a community, asks around where does the wildebeest come to drink water and other things.

He doesn’t stop hunting rabbits. He knows that he is not equipped enough to hunt down a wildebeest and has to hunt Rabbits to continue making a living.

The Lion waits, gathers information, collects other fellow lions and tries to hunt a small wildebeest. With repeated failures, hustling and determination, he succeeds in cracking down a bigger one.

You are that young lion, fed up of hunting rabbits. You dream of hunting a wildebeest but keep wondering how. Ask other lions, form a group, watch wildebeests from a distance. But don’t stop hunting rabbits.

One day you will crack a wildebeest down.

Then another one. Then another one.

And then you will get bored of hunting down wildebeests. Then you would want to hunt an Elephant.

This goes on.

Moral: Don’t focus too much on your prey or hunger. It will never be enough. You will always have confusion, depression and that itch to make things better, no matter what you are doing. The trick is to control your own mind and find a balance between expectation and reality.

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