Lust means the desire to satisfy your own mind and senses.

People may say they love someone but when asked about the reasons, we get to hear these answers

“He is a nice person and I like his personality”

“I like him just because for who he is”

“Because he takes care of me”

“She is the prettiest girl I have seen and I like her nature”

This is not love. This is nothing more than being in love with your own desires and feeling some kind of appreciation for someone who fulfills your desires. And of course you may feel obliged to do something in return to satisfy their desires.

It’s like saying

“You scratch my back, I will scratch yours”.

This is nothing more than a business transaction wherein you have defined the property of your subject and when your subject acts according to the property, you “feel” loved. Wrong. You feel your lust is satisfied.

However, if that person stops satisfying your desires or does something to disappoint you, your feeling of Love changes its form to anger, regret, depression, hate and eventually, separation.

This is Lust. This is both sexual and asexual in nature. This is called “Moh” and from “Moh”, “Bhram” is produced. This Bhram traps the mind and makes you think you are in love, while in reality, you are in Lust. You are lusted by your own desires. You are lusted by what you think you want in order to feel being loved.

The moment your subject changes behavior (and of course h/she will in due time), poof…that feeling is gone and what you are left with is regret, anger, hate and sadness.

This hankering and lamenting of the mind is what causes “Maya”

O son of Kunti. All “Maya” have a beginning and an end and so the wise men does not delight in them (BG)

Then what is love?

Love is the feeling which emerges in your heart, when you lie in a detached state and think about the time, place, people, memories that gave you warmth. The reality is understood in the absence of your subject. When the subject is no longer there to distract you and your mind enters a state of trance and still feels affection, that is love.

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