You are not happy because worrying has become your habit.

The pursuit of learning, business, holidays, money, cars, house and “status” has developed a habit inside you.

To Worry.

There is a saying in Hindi

Is Brahmand mein sab kuch Chalayman hai. Kewal Dharma hi sthir hai.
Everything in this universe is in constant motion. Only Dharma is still.

You have not identified your Dharma. The biggest battle is the battle you fight with yourself (“Antar-dwanda”). You can never win that battle. You lose by default because in that battle you are competing with yourself.

Attachments can never give you happiness. All of the things you have are physical attachments. We also have emotional attachments e.g spouse, children, profession etc which cannot give you happiness. Emotional attachments give you a sense of “belonging” and “companionship” but not sustainable happiness.

The only way to reach happiness is letting go of attachments and accepting Dharma, the fundamental truth about oneself. It is hard and can not be achieved living in a material world. You will have to let go of this material world and attain “Sanyasa” – the final phase of life when the subject lets go of everything and accepts its fate, not caring about death, not caring about pains, not caring about future, not caring about outcomes.

No calculations, only acceptance.

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