You own nothing.

You don’t own money. Money owns you. You work for the money, money doesn’t work for you.

You don’t own the house. The house owns you. You have to work, earn and pay the mortgage to buy or keep the house. If you don’t, the house will replace you with a new owner.

You don’t own the car. The car owns you. You fuel the car, repair it, service it and take care of it. You spend money on the car, the car does you no favor other than what it is supposed to do for anyone, you are just a subject.

You don’t own your job. The job owns you. The job will exist without you.

You don’t own your business. The business owns you. You have created the business but now the business has taken ownership of your life. You are no longer Free.

It’s not just you. It is everyone.

Nobody really “owns” anything, apart from knowledge. You are already Naked and so is everyone, it is just that the scale varies.¬†Happiness is hence just a choice and is not a function of ownership.


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