Ask a musician 

You: “How correct is your musical composition? Should we listen to it if its not correctly played?”

Musician: “What do you mean by correct composition?”

You:”You have played this piece but how accurate is it? What is the proof that this is the correct way, please prove it. Your piece sounds great but why should I listen to it? What is the proof that this piece will sound good tomorrow and to every other person in the planet? If it doesn’t appeal to everyone, should we believe in your music and listen to it? Is it correct and accurate?”

Musician: “There is no such thing as “accuracy”  in music. It will either make sense or it will not. if it makes sense to you, you will listen to it no matter if it is correct or not. If it doesn’t you will simply choose another piece to listen to, but you will still listen”

Mythology is not about accuracy. It is about abstraction

Mythology originates from the word “Myth”. 

Myth –> Mithya –> Mythology.

This is the fundamental mistake people make when they read a mythological text. They keep looking for factual proofs and miss the whole point. If you are obsessed with accuracy and correctness, you should not read mythology at all. 

Mythology is the study of myths. A myth is something which appears false, a widely believed concept which appears vague to the “Logical” brain.

It is all about questioning the existence of logics.

Science has an explanation for how Sun rises in the east and not west. Philosophy doesn’t care of explanations. Philosophy is about the Why? Why does the Sun rise?

Science has an explanation as to how human beings are born. Philosophy doesn’t care of explanations. Philosophy is about why human beings are born.

It is abstraction. 

Mythology is all about questioning your definition of Logic and belief.

Your brain automatically assumes that everything has to be proved, otherwise you will not believe it. This is a fundamental mistake, because there are things which can never be proved but they exist.

Example – Can you prove love? Show me a man who has proved that love exists. You have to prove it in pen and paper.

Mythology is not about being accurate or correct. It is about studying a “myth” and deriving the morales from it.

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