We have a question from Praveen

I have heard that chanting mantras for specific planets can negate bad effects from your life. How does this work? If this is true, then everyone can remove negative effects from their life simply by chanting mantras and then there will be no problems, worries, tensions in life. If it was so easy to get rid of problems by chanting mantras, why don’t people follow them religiously?

Also, if chanting mantras really work, what are the mantras an individual is supposed to chant on a daily basis?

Great question Praveen. I will answer your questions one by one and later discuss which mantras one should chant on a daily basis and how these mantras actually work.

First of all, let’s understand how negative effects are produced in our life.

We and only we are responsible for producing negative karma in our life. The external world is simply the occasion, the platform where we play our parts. If there is any negative or bad phase in our life, then it is upto us to correct ourselves. We are nothing but a result of our past actions, whatever we are today is a result of our past work. So if you are going through a bad phase in your life, it just means that your past karma wasn’t good and that past karma has brought you to this position.

If you correct your actions, good things will happen in some time. This rule is applicable to anyone, irrespective of their position or work.

Some examples from our day to day lives

  • I don’t have enough money for my livelihood – Why don’t you have enough money for sustaining your livelihood? Either your livelihood costs are way too high or you didn’t study properly and hence you are facing difficulties in getting employment. Or it is possible that you are having unrealistic expectations, you aren’t hard working or have huge demands for compensation, unrealistic expectations and other X Y Z reasons which is preventing you from getting employment.In this case, the planet can do nothing. Only you and your karma can help you out. What the planet can do is it can align your mind in the right setting so you are able to achieve the objective. The planet can bring your mind and thinking in the right direction. The planet can influence your decision making. The planet can influence your choices. The planet can influence your focus and so on and so forth.The planet has the power to re-align your mind in that zone wherein it is enlightened, can see the path to arrive at a solution. The planet will not help you in getting employment in any way.
  • I am not getting married or having troubles finding a soulmate – Why are you having troubles finding a partner? Maybe you don’t recognize the value of existing people and relationships in your life and you are seeking something larger than life. Maybe you don’t care about the person who loves you the most and you are looking for someone else all the time. Maybe someone had approached you for a relationship and you denied them without a second thought. Maybe you aren’t friendly with people. Maybe you are hoping for X Y Z attributes in your dream partner and not getting it or even if you get it, that other person is rejecting you.In this case, the planet can’t do anything. What the planet will do is that it will re-align your mind and clear all the confusion and misconceptions from your head. It will simply clear the cloud and show you where the sunlight is. Once your mind is enlightened, you will recognize your mistakes and go about the right path.

As we can see, the planets do not solve our problems. They simply show us the right path when we chant their mantras, take the remedy of gemstones or other astrological remedies.

The Role of “YogKarak” Planet in Your Birth Chart – How You Can Find Your Yog karak planet from your Birth Chart

Not every planet will work to show the right path for every individual because everyone has a different birth chart and the birth chart will determine which planet will show right path to which individual.

The position of the individual at the time of his/her birth will determine who is the individual’s best friend and which is that planet which is going to save this individual at times of distress.

This planet is often called the “Yog karak” planet in a birth chart. This Yog karak planet is that planet which shows right path to an individual, this planet is considered his best friend, philosopher and guide. This is the planet which saves the individual whenever he is in problem, distress or any kind of danger.

Some things to note regarding yog karak planet

  • There can be multiple Yog karak planets in a birth chart.
  • There can be no Yog karak planets in a birth chart.
  • If a chart has multiple yog karak planets, it doesn’t automatically mean that the strength of the chart is increased multiple times. Just like, I have 3 friends while you don’t have any friend. That doesn’t mean I with my 3 friends can defeat you at all costs under any situation.
  • Enemy planets can together become Yog karak planets in a Birth chart. That doesn’t make enemy planets become friends with each other in that chart. For example, Ram and Shyam are enemies with each other but Ram and Raghu are friends while Raghu and Shyam are also friends. Raghu is the person who has two good friends, Ram and Shyam who in turn are enemies with each other.
  • There are exceptions to how Yog karak planets will work depending on the nature of the chart. For example, if one of the Yog karak planets is retrogade in nature aspected by the lord of Ascendant, then that Yog karak planet’s power becomes 1000 times in that chart. Again, a Yog karak planet debilitated in a house aspected by his exalted enemy from the opposite house will not be able to show positive results or save the individual.

In general, the exceptions are found very, very rarely since 80% of birth charts are normal in nature. People who are very famous are often seen with Yogkarak planet exceptions, but I will not discuss them in this post.

How to find Yogkarak Planet in your birth chart.

Now I will explain how to find the Yogkarak planet in your birth chart

Go to this website and create your Birth chart. Open the “Lagna Chart” and you should see something like this

This is your birth chart, this shows which planet is situated at which house, and which planet is the lord of which house.

Refer to the diagram below (this diagram lists important information in reading a birth chart as per vedic asrological principals)

Now here is how you find your Yogkarak planet –

  • A Planet is Yogkarak when it has lordship over both a Kendra house and a Trikon house.
  • If the above condition doesn’t hold then check if the lord of Ascendant is Exalted in 7th house, then that lord becomes a Yogkarak planet. If not 7th house, the lord of the ascendant should be exalted in any other house except for 6th, 8th and 12 house.
  • If above two conditions doesn’t hold, then lord of the 5th house.

If all the above conditions do not hold, then no planet is Yogkarak in the birth chart.

A Real Case Study to Find Yog karak Planet in a Birth Chart – The birth chart of an Actress

Let’s look at a real birth chart and find the Yogkarak planet in that chart. I am going to take the example of Aishwarya Rai, a famous Indian actress because her birth chart satisfies all three conditions of Yogkarak planets. Her Yogkarak planet is extremely strong and this combination is also very rarely found (one in a million)

Here is her birth chart


We will be looking in the left chart (North Indian) and not the right one (South Indian)

  1. First thing we find is who is the ascendant of the chart. According to our reference diagram above, we see that the sign 7 is occupying the first house. Sign number 7 is Libra so Aishwarya is a Libra ascendant. The Lord of Libra is Venus. Hence the lord of first house is Venus and Venus is the chief minister of this chart. Venus will distribute various responsibilities to other planets depending on their position in the chart.
  2. Who are the lord of Kendra houses? Kendra houses in this chart are 7, 10, 1 and 4. Their lords are Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter respectively.
  3. Who are the lord of Trikon houses? Trikon houses are 1, 5 and 9 and in this chart the lord of Trikon houses are Venus, Saturn and Mercury.
  4. Who is the lord of the 5th house? The 5th house from Ascendant is Aquarius and the lord of Acqarius is Saturn.

Now let’s calulate the Yog karak Graha of Aishwarya’s birth chart.

  1. Lord of Ascendant – Venus
  2. Lord of Kendra – Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter
  3. Lord of Trikon –  Venus, Saturn and Mercury.
  4. Lord of 5th House – Saturn
  5. Exalted Planets in this chart – Saturn in Libra
  6. Debilitated Planets in this chart – Sun in Libra

So we can clearly see that

  • Saturn is the Yogkarak planet in this chart.
  • After Saturn, Venus is the Yogkarak planet (Venus is also the ascendant of this chart)
  • After Saturn and Venus, Jupiter is the Yogkarak planet in this chart.
  • After Jupiter, Sun is the Yogkarak planet because it is sitting with another Yogkarak planet (Saturn) which in turn is exalted and that too in the Ascendant and that too aspected by another Yogkarak planet (Jupiter) from the 7th house.

Out of all these planets, Saturn is the Strongest.

Saturn will shower all his power in her chart, followed by Venus and then Jupiter and then Sun. Note that Sun is debilitated in her chart, sitting in the sign of Libra where Sun is weakened. However, in the same sign of Libra, Saturn is exalted and enjoys power. This Saturn being the Yogkarak planet and that too sitting exalted in the 1st house (Ascendant) and that too aspected by another Yogkarak planet (Jupiter) from the 7th is an extremely rare combination. This Saturn is so powerful that it will outcast the effects of a debilitated Sun.

Sun means name, fame, power, prestige and good will. According to vedic astrology, this person should not be famous because the Sun itself is Debilitated in Libra. However, this is where Yogkarak planet plays his magic.

Saturn sitting exalted in Libra and being a Yog Karak planet will negate the effects of a debilitated sun. This also creates a situation of “Neech Bhang Raj yoga” where a debilitated planet sitting with an Exalted planet of the Enemy sign creates a “Raj yoga”. The Sun’s power is amplified thanks to the Neech Bhanga raj Yoga and there will be no dearth in her fame, reputation, goodwill and popularity.

The 5th house is the house of Children. Aishwarya’s fifth house is the house of Aquarius whose lord is again Saturn. It means, her Saturn will again give positive effects on her daughter’s life.

Also note that Jupiter, being a Yogkarak planet is also aspecting Saturn from the 7th house and Saturn being a Yogkarak planet is aspecting Jupiter to it’s 7th house. Hence, Saturn and Jupiter are supporting each other, although they are enemies but they amplify each other’s power because both of them are Yogkarak planets and both aspect each other from their 7th house.

Next we come to Venus. Venus is the ascendant of this chart and Venus represents Beauty. Venus and Moon are the planets which represents beauty. Moon is sitting in the 9th house – the house of Luck and Fortune while Venus is sitting in the second house – the house of Wealth and beauty. No doubt this person will be beautiful and since Venus is sitting in the second house of wealth, her chances of acquiring wealth through her beauty is very natural.

The 10th house is the house of Career and work. In this chart, the 10th house is the house of Cancer whose lord is Jupiter, who is sitting in the 7th house. Jupiter being a Yogkarak planet and aspected by an extremely powerful Saturn from the first house ensures she will enjoy a long successful career.

However, Jupiter didn’t make her famous and well known. The combination of Saturn and Sun being yogkarak planets sitting in ascendant with an Exalted Saturn and Debilitated Sun creating a situation of “Neech bhang Raj Yoga” made her so famous and well known.

The birth chart of an Oppressor – Adolf Hitler

Now let’s look at another birth chart – the birth of Chart of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is also very famous but unlike Aishwarya, he is famous for all the wrong reasons. Let’s find out Yogkarak planets in his chart.

  • Ascendant – Virgo. Lord of Ascendant – Mercury
  • Lord of Kendra houses (1,4,7, 10) – Mercury, Jupiter.
  • Lord of Trikon houses – Mercury, Saturn, Venus
  • Lord of 5th house – Saturn.

So the yogkarak planet in this chart is Mercury.

Where is the Yogkarak planet in this chart – it is in the house of Aries, the Eighth house. Eighth house is the worst house of the chart which signifies death, injuries, mysteries, secrets, deep sciences.

Adolf Hitler has an exalted Sun in Aries and Mars sitting in his own house. This signifies that he has the chances of becoming a well known commander, or adminstrator or “Senanayak”. Sun and Mars are friends and Mars sitting in Aries with an Exalted Sun is generally found in the charts of Colonels, Admirals, Army commanders. Mars signifies Aggression and Sun signifies Fame, so no doubt Adolf Hitler will become famous for his military rampage.

However, the Yogkarak planet Mercury is sitting in the same house where Sun and Mars are sitting. All these planets occupying the 8th house – the house of death. Here the Yogkarak planet Mercury, which signifies Intellect, mind and wisdom will direct all the energy to destructive causes. The subject’s mind (mercury) itself is channeling the energy towards destruction. Mars is channeling the energy of the planet to War while Sun is making him famous. This is because the house itself is the house of death and the presence of Yogkarak planet along with an Exalted Sun along with Mars sitting in his own house will amplify that effect a million times.

Graha Mantra For Different Planets

Now that you know how to find Yogkarak planets in your chart, here are the mantras for each planet. You should learn the mantra for your Yogkarak planet by heart and recite it 108 times every morning facing the direction where the planet is transiting on that day. If you don’t know how to find the direction of the planet on any given day, then you should face the direction of East.


japaakusuma sankaashaM kaashyapeyaM mahaaDhyuthima |
thamorima sarvapaapaghanaM praNamaami dhivaakarama ||

I pray to the Sun, the day-maker, destroyer of all sins, the enemy of
darkness, of great brilliance, the descendent of Kaashyapa, the one who
shines like the japaa flower.


dhaDhishankha thushaaraabhaM kSheerodhaarnava saMbhavama |
namaami shashinaM somaM shambhormukuta bhooShanama ||

I pray to the Moon who shines coolly like curds or a white shell, who
arose from the ocean of milk, who has a hare on him, Soma, who is the
ornament of Shiva’s hair.


DharaNee garbha saMbhoothama vidhyuthkaanthi samaprabhama |
kumaaraM shakthihasthaM thaM mangalaM praNamaaMyahama ||

I pray to Mars, born of Earth, who shines with the same brilliance as
lightning, the young man who carries a spear.


priyaangu kalikaashyaamaM rupeNa prathimaM buDhama |
sauMyaM sauMyaguNopethaM thvaM buDhaM praNamaaMyahama ||

I pray to Mercury, dark like the bud of millet, of unequalled beauty,
gentle and agreeable.


dhevaanaaMcha RishiNaaMcha gurukaanchana sannibhama |
buDhdhir bhoothaM thrilokeshaM thvaM namaami bRihaspathima ||

I pray to Jupiter, the teacher of gods and rishis, intellect incarnate, lord
of the three worlds.


himakundha mRiNaalaabhaM dhaithyaanaaM paramaM guruma |
sarvashaasthra pravakthaaraM bhaargavaM praNamaaMyahama ||

I pray to Venus, the utimate preceptor of demons, promulgator of all
learning, he who shines like the fiber of snow-white jasmine.


neelaanjana samaabhaasaM raviputhraM yamaagrajama
Chaayaa maarthaaNda saMbhoothaM tvaM namaami shanaishcharam

I pray to Saturn, the slow moving, born of Shade and Sun, the elder
brother of Yama, the offspring of Sun, he who has the appearance of
black collyrium.

What happens is that you are actually inviting your Yogkarak planet to come and relive your problem. The Yogkarak planet is your best friend and it will do whatever it can to help you recover from any crisis, trouble or dangerous situation.

What should you chant if you do not have any Yogkarak planet in your chart? If you do not have any yougkarak planet, you have one mantra which is the liberator of all mantras, troubles, obstacles and miseries of life.

It’s the mantra of Hanuman – Hanuman Chalisa.

The reason Hanuman chalisa works – Hanuman is the only avatar of God (Shiva) which has the blessings of all the planet lords. The legend goes like this – Indra had fired his Vajra towards child Hanuman and this angered his father – Pavan Dev. He refused to provide any more air to planet Earth which would mean the end of life on planet.

It is that time when Indra came with all the lords and blessed Pavan Putra Hanuman with weapons, knowledge and gave him boons – that no planet will be able to show any negative effects, if someone chants your name every day. This is one of the reasons why Hanuman is also called “Sankatmochan”

If you chant the mantra of Hanuman 108 times a day, it will produce the same effect as worshipping your Yogkarak planet but to a slightly lesser extent. If you can’t chant Hanuman chalisa 108 times, simply download the audio as an MP3 file and keep listening to it, it will remove obstacles tensions and other miseries from your life.

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