We have a question by Ravi

You have said that anyone who does his work with great interest for not thinking about the outcome of work will reach up-to a stage of fulfillment. Can one reach that stage when he finds his work more interesting if somehow the work in some nature is deviant? And is not legal in some societies. It can be any bad work.

Yes of course, one can reach fulfillment even if he holds a contrarian view of the world or a view which does not align with the “general” norm. And there is nothing wrong in that perspective since there is no such thing as “Good” or “Bad”, everything is on the person and his perspective. The entire universe runs on “Perception”.

Coming to fulfillment, yes, one can reach the state of fulfillment even when one chooses a path which is considered deviant by the society. Fulfillment is the manifestation of purpose and nobody said that purpose always has to be on one side of the line.

You can become a criminal and feel Fulfilled. You can become a “Saint” and be fulfilled. It depends on what is your perspective, purpose and role in the universe.

There are people who kill others in the name of God and feel “fulfilled”. These are the so called “terrorists”. But to his people, he is a “Freedom fighter”. You can think that he is a terrorist, but that is just your perspective. That has nothing to do with the fulfillment of the subject, who kills other people because he thinks himself as a freedom fighter of his country and to him, that is the definition of Great work.

There are millions of people who kill Chicken, Goats, Cows for a hefty dinner or Lunch. They don’t care about the goat or cow whom he just killed. After the Lunch is over, he feels fulfilled and there is no remorse for the murder he committed in an indirect way.

There are people in some parts of the world who approve their army to attack another country and kill millions of people for material things such as oil. A war is fought for 10 years to control a strategic point. The person who approves this thinks that he is doing great work for his people, his country, his economy. So he feels fulfilled, his people feels fulfilled by his decision to attack another country and everyone supports him in that decision.

However, this same person is seen as a villain in that country where the attack is launched. Millions of people die because of that one decision and they all curse him. These curses have nothing to do with the fulfillment of that person who approved the decision to start the war.

Whatever the outcome of the war is, the person who approved the war will always feel fulfilled since he thinks this is the right thing to do. The person who ate the chicken for lunch will feel fulfilled and not repent on the death of the chicken. Because his objective is to fill his belly and the death of a life is secondary to him.

Fulfillment can come by doing a good cause, fulfillment can come by doing a bad cause as well. It greatly depends what is your definition of “Good” or “Bad”. That definition is on a personal level and varies from one person to another.

One can cross the river by swimming, by riding a boat or by riding on the back of an alligator or a big fish. The important thing is that the subject is able to get to the other side of the river. How he got there and what tools he used to get there is secondary.

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