Let me tell you a story.

Ratnakar, the famous highway dacoit was trying to justify his deeds to Narada.

Narada – “Why are you doing robbery?”

Ratnakar – “To provide for my family”

Narada – “Do you think your family members will take responsibility for your karma?”

Ratnakar – “Of course they will. I am doing this for their benefit only so why won’t they?”

Narada – “Go ask your wife whether she will take responsibility for your karma.”

Ratnakar runs to his wife and gets this reply

Wife – “No. I am the keeper of this house and you are the provider. How you provide for the house is completely up to you, it is not my concern and I won’t take any responsibility of your karma”

Then Ratnakara is enlightened, he gives up robbery and becomes a prophet.

Moral: You should do your karma, regardless of whether the other person did his karma or not. This includes everyone, your parents, spouse, children…it doesn’t matter if the other person’s karma benefits you or not, what matters is whether you did your Karma or whether you strayed away.

Karma does not overlap with result. Result is the byproduct of Karma, just like milk is the byproduct of producing a cattle. This does not mean that a cattle is produced for the milk.

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