Let us roughly understand why wars in the first place?

When does a country announces war on another? When the country thinks that by declaring war it can gain something. Some sort of competitive advantage. This could be direct as well as indirect. But the goal is always some sort of gain/profit from an external resource.

Gain of land. Gain of resources. Gain of strategic benefits. You name it.

Now when does a country decide to go to a war? Mainly on two situations

A. There is an opportunity to seize.

B. No other way of covering up a “loss” is open, the only way is now to attack, loot and cover up the loss.

Loot from whom?

The people who do not have power.

So war is just another form of terrorism, fought by the governments to loot resources from people who do not have power. and I am convinced that governments dont fight war. A government is but just a puppet. It is the corporations and banks who indirectly influence war. In short, it is those people who have money and who control the flow of money play a significant indirect role in fueling a war.

Example #1

Our country’s economy is getting ruined. We must do something to prevent this loss or otherwise we are going to lose the upcoming elections and people will throw us out from power. We must do something now to get their attention, being in resources and fuel the economy.

Here is the plan. Let’s initiate an attack in our own parliament, burn it down, blame it on some other country, attack them, loot their resources and show prosperity to our people. That way, we will keep ourselves in power.

This is German plan of 1933, Reichstag fire

And those people are you and me.

So, whenever a war breaks out in any corner of the world, your life is affected to some extent. You are not realizing it but it is getting affected in an indirect fashion. 

Any War, fought anywhere on earth, between any two parties affects everyone who is not controlling the flow of power (money).

The Jungle Law – Lion Rabbit

Let us consider two lions. 

Lion A is a big lion and Lion B is a newcomer coming from a different jungle. Lion A needs 5 rabbits a day to keep itself happy and Lion B needs 3.

Now both the lions start fighting and hurt each other. What is going to happen? Now Lion A will need 8 rabbits a day and Lion B will need 5 rabbits because they have hurt each other and exhausted each other and need more resources to cover up the loss.

The result is that more rabbits will be ruthlessly hunted down and killed. The more frequently they fight, the more rabbits are going to die. It is that simple.

Now you decide, are you the lion or the rabbit?

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