People wonder what is the “real” source of all the knowledge that exists.

The answer is Mind.

Every human being in this planet has all the knowledge hidden in his mind, it is just that he is not aware of the capacities of his own mind and keeps searching answers outside.

Let’s take a couple of examples to illustrate this philosophy.

  • Louis Pasteur discovered pasteurization.
  • Newton discovered Gravitation.
  • Alexandar Fleming discovered Penicillin.

Penicillin was not waiting for Alexandar Fleming to discover it. Gravitation was not waiting for Newton and neither Pasteurization was waiting for Louis Pasteur. There is nothing in those discoveries that we as human beings are not capable of.

Newton + apple.JPGWhat happened is that Newton was able to process his observation to the limit that he uncovered the secret within his own mind. Countless number of apples have fallen from trees through centuries and centuries but it was Newton’s mind which asked the question –

“Why did the Apple fall? Why do things fall and why don’t they rise above?”

Newton’s mind started questioning the obvious truth which is visible to the naked eye and started hunting for answers that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Newton has the same physical brain which me and you have,  but his mind was capable to dive deep into its own depths and discover the answer.

Knowledge cannot come from outside.

All knowledge is hidden inside the human mind. All wisdom is hidden inside the head.

When you go to a school or institution, the institution helps you to uncover your own mind so that you dive deep into it and get the answers on your own. School or institution is just a vehicle, it is you who have to find the answer on your own. It is the subject who has to dive into the ocean of his own mind and find the fish.

Schools or books are mere tools which helps you navigate through the ocean. But it is you who will have to derive knowledge by uncovering your own mind. All the knowledge is buried deep into the mind and when the subjects starts digging we say

“I am learning”

What this means is that the subject has started digging (digging his mind) and doesn’t know when he will get the jewel.

Knowledge will change its form and color with time. And then the human mind will again start digging to find more.

Just because Isaac Newton discovered law of Gravitation doesn’t mean that he has found all the knowledge. Reality is that he has found just a portion of that knowledge. His Knowledge will be passed on through generations and generations and a day will come when another mind will use Newton’s knowledge as a stepping stone to find another law.

All the things that you see around you has been conceived in the mind first. Everything is just a display of someone’s thought, knowledge resides in mind and mind alone. All the effort of human kind is to wake up your soul through different means e.g school, colleges, universities, libraries, books so you become aware and start exploring your own mind. The answers are inside your own head, waiting to be discovered, the knowledge is locked in your own mind, the goal is simply to unlock it through different means.

Reference: Karma Yoga

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