Loneliness is that state of mind when it refuses to react to any event (both internal and external)

This state of mind refuses to respond to any sentiments (either good or bad). You can be lonely even when you are surrounded by people you love. Its that state when your system’s just don’t respond and are comfortable being numb.

The default state of a mind is loneliness. We are all born alone and we die alone. The moment you are born, your mind gets to work and starts recording events, sentiments, feelings, derives inferences and stores it for future use. This continues for years, decades and then somehow you end up in a situation when your mind says – “Enough. I can’t take it anymore and I am entering a freezing state by cutting down all external influences”

Then your mind starts cleaning up records which were once useful. During this clean up process, a large chunk of the area is wiped out and now the mind cluelessly hunts for ways to fill that void space (because the mind has been trained to do just that).

But since it has already entered a state where it cannot allow external influences, it cannot fill that empty space with feelings, sentiments or thoughts.

This state of mind, trying to figure out what can be used to fill up the cleaned up area is called loneliness.

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