The first reader question by Auro

You mentioned that Draupadi did not love all husbands equally and that’s why she went to hell. But how is it justifiable? How can she have equal love to all husbands? Even in case of Krishna who has multiple wives, his favorite wife is Rukmini, but Krishna did not go to hell for partiality towards her. How is it justifiable?

Draupadi’s context cannot be compared with Krishna’s context. Krishna’s context is about “Bhakti” (devotion). Draupadi’s context is about “Lobha” (greed).

Krishna had multiple wives because all his wives were devoted to him. He didn’t marry out of desires or greed. Draupadi married all the 5 men because she was greedy and had high standards. Her behavior is propelled by greed and ambition.

It is certainly not that ambition is always a sin. No, it is not. It is perfectly okay to be ambitious if you know your Dharma. You want 5 men as husbands, all right. Take them but then, you have to abide by your dharma to each man equally. You are ambitious and have performed a “Tapasya”, which is why Shiva granted you a Boon but the moment you get the fruit, you have to do Dharma towards each husband equally. If you are not sure about that, it is better to lower your standards and be content with one husband.

Draupadi went to hell because she favored Partha (Arjuna). This is pure injustice to the other 4 husbands. It is understandable that a woman cannot love each of her husband equally. If that is the case, you should not marry multiple men. However, if you decide to marry multiple men, you need to abide by the Dharma.

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