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Can practising Brahmacharya raise IQ level of the practitioner? If the answer is yes then why the vast majority of Brahmacharya practitioners in our country were not innovative in terms of inventions that could have made our economy developed , and we still lag behind in this aspect till date ?

Yes, Brahmacharya will improve the IQ level of the practitioner. Not just IQ level, it will improve various other aspects of life which you are not even aware of if you lose semen (“Veerya for men and “Rajaveerya” for women) on a regular basis.

Every man should practice Brahmacharya at least once in a lifetime to know his true capacity, which he loses because of lust, desires and natural sexual tendencies. As far as women are concerned, it is little difficult for them to practice but they too can achieve that state of ecstasy by learning how to control bodily desires and not crave for affection, love, sex from a man. A Brahmachari in true sense will have a different dimension of thinking and a “common man” will not be able to relate to a “Brahmachari” that well.

Your body is a container and your soul is the energy form which expands its horizons through experiences, knowledge, wisdom and thoughts. Sex or physical desires is just a mechanism of losing energy which is manifested inside your container and stored in raw form. Not just men, women too lose energy because of desires, lust and demands of the body which is a big distraction towards knowing oneself.

The problem – you don’t know how to utilize the energy produced inside your body in a proper way and take the easy route of discharging it through sex, so you don’t have to direct it in the right direction. So even if you have the potential of becoming a great soccer player, you don’t utilize that energy in becoming one. You let go of that energy, everyday.

A Thorn Chewing Civilisation

The camel sucks his own blood while chewing the thorny twigs. The thorns that the camel eats cuts the tongue of the camel. And so blood begins to flow within the camel’s mouth. The thorns mixed with fresh blood create a taste for the foolish camel, and so he enjoys the thorn-eating business with false pleasure.

Life in the material world is much like a camel, who sucks his own blood and feels great pleasure doing so.

When you are involved in a sexual activity, semen is discharged. This semen is made from –> Food –> Chyle –> Blood –>Flesh –> Fat –> Marrow –> Semen.

One drop of semen means losing huge amount of energy which was stored inside the container so the soul can use it for discovering its depths. But alas, the camel, he chews the twigs, cuts his tongue and takes great pleasure in sucking his own blood.

When you see a person of opposite sex, you often think about them in different ways and lust begins to grow inside your head. This lust is the seed, this grows inside your subconscious mind and makes you crave more and more for sex, affection and love. Eventually, you become a victim of desires and then you continue to lose energy on a regular basis to satiate your thirst. But alas, the more you practice, the more engulfed you become and the more engulfed you are, the less aware you are on who you actually are and what is your true potential/capacity.

The next part of the question,

If the answer is yes then why the vast majority of Brahmacharya practitioners in our country were not innovative in terms of inventions that could have made our economy developed , and we still lag behind in this aspect till date?

Nothing can be Invented. Everything existed and will continue to exist, it is just that the form of representation changes over a time axis

As far as inventions are concerned, they are already there. Everything existed before me, you or anyone else. It is just that a formula is represented in a different way and everyone thinks that some invention was made. Let’s take a couple of examples.

  1. Today we have Watsapp using which anyone can communicate with anyone in a fraction of a second. It is free and this has changed the way people communicate with each other on a daily basis.Rewind back 5000 years. Think about how two people communicated in that era? There was no Watsapp but that does not mean there was no technology to communicate. The tech was always there, it is just that the tech has changed its form now. The rishi’s would instantly communicate with each other through a different tech which is not known to the world now. Similarly, this Watsapp tech will be gone in a hundred years from now, it will be replaced by another tech.
  2. Today we have refrigerator to store food. 5000 years ago, there was no refrigerator, but that does not mean that food could not be stored in that era. What this means is that at that time, there was a different tech which is not known to us now. This refrigerator thing will be replaced by another tech in a couple of hundred years from now.
  3. Today we have aeroplane. 5000 years back, there was no aeroplane but people could chant “Mantras” and travel to any place they wanted to. The tech was there, it is just that the form has changed now.

Inference: Nothing, I mean Nothing can be “invented”. Everything exists, and everything existed before anyone else found it, just in a different form. There is no need of inventing things since what you are inventing is already out there. Just like energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it can only be “transformed” from one form to another. Similarly, “inventions” or “discoveries” are a mere “transformation” of what is already out there. This is mentioned in Bhagvada Gita,

Krishna: O Arjuna!, There was never a time you were not there. There was never a time when I was not there. There was never a time when all these people were not there. You, me and all these people will continue to exist and have always existed, only in a different form, in a different name, in a different context.

So when you say “develop the economy”, what exactly do you mean? Who are we to develop a natural system which determines its own rules. You, me, or noone can change the fundamental laws of economics, how things work in nature. You can do a research and take great pride that you have solved a problem but in reality, that problem is already solved and has been solved by hundreds and thousands of scholars before you. But alas, for the law of transformation, you, me or the world is not aware of that “change”. Hence, this effort to “make things better”

  • You wrote a thesis and think that you are the first one to discover something. You are wrong. That thing which you have discovered has already been discovered by someone else, it is just that the world has forgotten that contribution now. The world will forget your contribution as well, it is just a matter of time.
  • You launched a rocket to Mars and think that you are the first one to achieve that. Wrong. That thing which you launched has already been launched multiple times in the past, it is just that the world has forgotten that contribution somehow and yours stands as if it is the first one.

A Brahmachari is well aware of this fact. There is no need of spending time and energy in discovering things which has already been discovered thousands of times. It is better to discover who you are, so the Brahmachari is more convex in nature. Rather than focussing his energies on discovering what has already been discovered by people before him, he focusses his energy in discovering who he is and what’s his role in this universe.

My guruji knows that I write these things on this blog. When I tell him about my writing, he laughs and says – Son, so you think you are doing something great and sharing pieces of wisdom which the world is not aware of. You are completely wrong. The world is already aware of these things and the world does not need you to share wisdom with other members. This wisdom is already out there and anyone can access it by deciding to look into his own mind. You are not doing anyone a favor, and don’t think that by sharing these things, you are doing something “new”. There is nothing new in your effort, since this wisdom exists in the mind of every single person. One just has to remove the veils to uncover that wisdom.

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