I keep getting emails from people asking me their doubts on life, advise, decisions and way out of a crisis or difficult situations. Most of the queries are related to some sort of crisis, confusion, depression, dilemma, making a judgement or taking a decision.

Let me tell you that I am not a life coach, neither am I am a professional career counsellor. I am not a psychologist either.

However, I can give you advise from the perspective of “Dharma” and “Wisdom”. I can share the knowledge of Dharma with you and tell you what is right and what is not (given my limited knowledge on the subject). Only when you know what is your true Dharma, can you choose the right direction and solve your own problems. What I can tell you is a probable direction which aligns with your dharma, how you pave your way is completely upto you and your karma.

I genuinely like to help people. If you have a doubt and you feel I can help you by giving you guidance and wisdom, please get in touch using the form at the end of this page.

How this works?

Limited Consultations –  I can take limited consultations only. It is not on a first come and first serve basis but on the requirements and needs of a person and his situation. The more genuine the person and his problem or situation, the more likely I will try to help him/her at the earliest.

Process – I will hear about your problem and then send you a custom questionnaire to get more information about the issues that you are dealing with. Once you give me the information, I may send you a second questionnaire asking for more details. Next, I will get on a video call with you to understand your problem in as much detail as possible. The conversations may continue for few weeks until I have a complete grasp of your problem and how you think, process information and derive conclusions in your own mind. Once I have completely understood these details, I will give you some basic teachings and try to make you understand what is your dharma in a given situation or context and how you should realize your dharma through action.

Privacy of information – Privacy is guaranteed, your data and personal details are never shared with anyone.

Fee – I do not take any fee for the personal counselling sessions. It is purely based on my interest to help people solve the issues they are facing. It is about giving them a perspective, teaching them the foundational knowledge of Dharma which they may not know. It is about clearing the illusions they have set for themselves, all I try to do is try to remove the veils they have created for themselves. Once the subject is aware of his Dharma, then he has to do some work on his own (karma) and fix the issue himself.

If you are happy with my consultation (which could continue for few months until you see improvements in your thoughts and actions), you may offer me a small donation or you may choose to skip the donation. That is totally upto you. I do not charge a “Moolya” (price) or “Dakshina” (tution fee), but if someone benefits and willingly wants to donate something, that is their choice.


Please use the form below to contact me for personal counselling.

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