You stop thinking and get to work.

It doesn’t matter if I am a waste or I am valuable. Both are illusions and we live in illusions we create for ourselves.

So you think life will be very different when you have contributed a lot to the world? Let me tell you, the world isn’t waiting for your contributions. 

No one is telling you to contribute anything. You are a guest here. We all are. It is not necessary that all guests bring gifts to the host. Some guests can just drink the wine. That’s all right. But the key thing is not to spoil the party, fighting over whether you should have brought a gift and comparing what gift everyone else brought and thinking so hard about it that you forget to enjoy the wine, the music, the song and the lights.

Too many people in this world are too busy looking for what gifts others have brought and how could he buy a gift, not realizing that the party is not for the gift. It’s okay if you are not called on the stage for the gift you brought.

Let it be. When the party is over, all gifts go to the trash.

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