Articles On Wisdom

Ram is respected because he is Maryada purushottam (maryada ki raksha karne wala purushon mein uttam …just a higher order of Krishna who is Leela purushottam). Ram never asked Sita for agnipariksha. The kingdom asked

Hinduism describes life as a journey to realize the fundamental truth about oneself. It is tied with the concepts of Karma – (action) Kama – (desires, ambitions, goals) Samsara – (domestication, the continuous cycle of

Lust means the desire to satisfy your own mind and senses. People may say they love someone but when asked about the reasons, we get to hear these answers “He is a nice person and

Attachments can never give you happiness. All of the things you have are physical attachments. We also have emotional attachments e.g spouse, children, profession etc which cannot give you happiness. Emotional attachments give you a sense of “belonging” and “companionship” but not sustainable happiness.

Happiness has nothing to do with abundance or lack of wealth. It is the absence of wealth and the chase which makes life worthwhile, not abundance.

Wealth is a necessity but most of us forget the fact that the chase to accumulate wealth is never ending. You will never have enough and if you give money the power to make you happy or sad, you will always be sad.