Articles On Wisdom

Poverty is manifested when “Value” is stored. Nature has no preference for the strong or the weak. No matter who you are, you have to work, hunt your food – you cannot use technology to store your need for tomorrow. Humans have figured out how to store value which causes poverty at a massive scale and sadly, there is no way to undo this.

We are often aggressive towards a subject but the moment we realize that the subject is harmless and itself needs help, we show our sensitive side. The choice of showing sensitivity is often a communication problem, one subject fails to communicate with another in a proper way. The need of empathy is not communicated and the opposing party considers you a threat and offers resistance.

We are always hankering after material enjoyment and trying to hold on to things, in the hope of maintaining that enjoyment. The mere thought of losing our so called valuables and what we enjoy gives us severe anxiety. Fear is born only by the influence of the illusory energy which we are subjected to as long as we refuse to understand our real identity.

A relationship where both the subjects aren’t needy, aren’t insecure and help each other for mutual growth is friendship. A relationship where both the subjects are needy, are insecure and transact with each other for mutual growth is business.

Most people don’t want to execute the principles taught in the scriptures. They are trapped. They do not want to get rid of their habits and are comfortable the way they are. It is just a choice they have made and they want to live that way, that does not mean something is outdated or something doesn’t work.

Marriage is not a natural phenomenon. Marriage is a cultural phenomenon. Man has invented marriage. Man has invented marriage to fulfil his own desires.

The human body is basically an energy system. You can keep it with many openings and transact with the world in a certain way or you can make this into a close-circuit system so that it becomes integrated. Brahmacharya is a virtuous path which helps the subject understand his own identity. The foundation of “Yoga” lies in perfect observance of Brahmacharya.

We are often deluded by the result and ignore the pursuit of something. Everyone is focused on what results his action will bring and not focusing on the present pursuit. The subjects fail to realize that they have no control on the result anyway.

I am not the body and neither the thoughts that I think. I am not my own imagination, I am not who I imagine myself to be. I am that being which cannot be grasped by even the mind. That being is the “eye of the eye” and “ear of the ear”, the “mind of the mind”. The wise men give up in the pursuit of knowing the I