Ranks And Hierarchies of Soldiers in Mahabharata War

We have a question by Pritam In the Mahabharata war, what made someone a Rathi and what made someone a Maharathi? Could you shed some light on the battle strategies, weapons and how the divisions were formed? The answer to your question will never end since the details about battle strategies, weapons, formations (vyuhas) is pretty… Read more »

What is Sixth Sense? (The Six “Pramanas”)

We have a question from Sunil kumar Ramesh I have heard that animals have the capacity to predict upcoming natural calamities like earthquake, when we human beings claim ourselves as superior to them why we fail in that ? What is actually the sixth sense, are we really using it ? Before I get into the… Read more »

Why Bheesma Did Not Allow Karna to Fight under his Flag?

We have a question from Soumya Why Bheesma did not allow Karna to fight under his flag? What is the real reason? Many texts suggest that Bheesma had severe clashes with Karna and he did not like him. Is that the real reason or is it something else? It is true that Bheesma and Karna… Read more »

How Is a Person’s Karma Defined?

We have a question from Divyanshu, How would a person’s Karma exactly be defined? Is it the external bodily action/reaction to a situation or is it much more complicated. There also have been various citations where Karma is referred to as the internal state of joyfulness while performing an action. Please throw some light to… Read more »

What is the basis of being born in this world without our wish?

We have a question from Shurygina What is the basis of being born in this world without our wish?People are born in this world and in a particular family by randomly or it is all pre decided according to karma theory you explained. Small answer – The World is a big gymnasium where you come… Read more »

Life Doesn’t Teach Any Lessons

Any exercise, outcome or an event cannot form the basis of a “Generalized Lesson”, and hence there are no lessons in life.

What Causes Depression? Why Are We So Depressed?

We have a question from Praveen I want to know what causes depression? Why are people so depressed? No amount of money or fame or anything can cure this disease? What is the root cause of depression which exists around us? There are two major causes of depression. First is your individual thoughts and second… Read more »


We have a question by anonymous I sometimes feel very empty inside. I just can’t explain how it feels, it’s not pain, it’s not depression. There is this weird feeling of emptiness which haunts me from time to time. I am not unhappy, there is sno reason for me to be unhappy. But I do… Read more »

How To Realize Something Outside This Material World?

Most people fail to win weaknesses and go to the grave just like that. They don’t even realize what happened to their life in pursuit of temporary things. They miss seeing the extraordinary view because they were too busy in their pursuit of Arishadvargas – Desires, Anger, Greed, Attachments, Pride and Envy

Alignment Of Planets in Indian Astrology

We have a question from Sunita I have a question on Indian astrology. Can you tell me why the planets are aligned in the astrological system in a particular way? What is the logic of such an orientation? What is the theory behind the distribution of planets in each houses, why a specific planet will… Read more »