What mistakes do people make in the pursuit of Happiness?

Happiness is a how, not a what. A talent, not an object. The pursuit of Happiness itself is a mistake. You cannot pursue Happiness. Let us break it down. Pursuit == The act of chasing something. Happiness == A momentary feeling which is independent of the attributes and scenarios of a man. Now you are… Read more »

How accurate is Mythology?

Ask a musician  You: “How correct is your musical composition? Should we listen to it if its not correctly played?” Musician: “What do you mean by correct composition?” You:”You have played this piece but how accurate is it? What is the proof that this is the correct way, please prove it. Your piece sounds great… Read more »

Difference between Prabhu, Ishwar, Bhagwan, Devta and Parmatma

Prabhu: Prabhu means lord. The provider (master) is called “Prabhu”. Anybody can be a Prabhu. So let’s say you have a shop franchised to a big company and you have employed a clerk. To that clerk, you are the prabhu but to you, that company is your Prabhu. “Annadata” is sometimes referred to as Prabhu…. Read more »

Was Ram’s Behavior Patriarchial?

Ram’s behavior is not patriarchal.You have to understand the situation of Ram first and only then you can judge his behavior. Who is Ram? Ram is “Maryada Purushottam” (Maryada ki raksha karne wala purushon mein uttam). His objective in life is to protect the greater cause and personal ambitions and pleasures are not his goals. … Read more »

Why is Masturbation discouraged in Hindu Philosophy?

Let me quote a phrase from Atharva veda Karmanaa manachaa vaachaa sarvaavastu sarvadaa Sarvatra maidyatvyahu brahmacharyam prachakshyadet This is the vow of Brahmacharya every Brahmin has to take during his sacred thread ceremony. What does this mean? What it means is that the subject (male) pledges to have complete abstinence from sexual action and sexual… Read more »

Why do Bad things happen to Good people?

Things happen to people.  “Good” or “bad” entirely depends on the person and the perspective. There is no such thing as “Bad things” and “Good people”. What is Good to you is “Bad” for someone else and what is “Bad” to you is “Good” for someone else. So let’s say a Lion breaks into your… Read more »

Why Tragedies do not leave us?

There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.~ Oscar Wilde Every person’s head is weaved through wants, needs, expectations, desires, ambitions, goals, satisfaction et cetra. At different levels. We forget that the tragedies and miseries of life are just a by product of what… Read more »

Can Karma Justify A Bad deed for a Good Cause?

Let me tell you a story. Ratnakar, the famous highway dacoit was trying to justify his deeds to Narada.Narada – “Why are you doing robbery?”Ratnakar – “To provide for my family”Narada – “Do you think your family members will take responsibility for your karma?”Ratnakar – “Of course they will. I am doing this for their… Read more »