Why Shiva was always high on marijuana being a god?

Shiva is a Tapasvi. Unlike Vishnu and Brahma, he is the one who has outgrown “Hunger” and “drive”. Brahma’s drive is to create. He has hunger. Vishnu’s drive is to preserve. He has hunger Shiva has no drive. He is the greatest of Tapasvis and is mostly lost in his Tapasya. He is the “Ishvar”… Read more »

What do the 10 heads of Ravan in Hinduism signify?

Ravana’s ten heads is a metamorphication of his knowledge of the six shastras and the four Vedas. Namely: Sankhyashastra (Mathematics) Yog Shastra (Yoga as a way of life, meditation) Nyayashastra (Law and administration) Vaisheshik Shastra (Physics, astronomy, mechanics) Purvamimansa (Philosophy, Justification) Uttar Mimansa Shastra Rigveda Yajurveda Samveda Atharvaveda. His original name is “Dashagriva” (a monster… Read more »

What is the main purpose of going to temple, synagogue, mosque or church?

Purpose: Conquering oneself. Self attainment, realization, inner peace and saying “Thank you”. Saying “Thank you” to someone for whatever you are. It is like you are communicating to the whole universe in time and space and sending your thoughts and signals in every possible direction. Let’s understand this with a contrasting analogy. 4 year old… Read more »

Difference between Love and Lust

Lust means the desire to satisfy your own mind and senses. People may say they love someone but when asked about the reasons, we get to hear these answers “He is a nice person and I like his personality” “I like him just because for who he is” “Because he takes care of me” “She… Read more »

Why are there no well known female sages in Hindu mythology?

It is because only men can control the flow of Shukra, women can’t. Preserving Semen Semen or Shukra is also known as “Virya” (vital essence). This Virya is not only in the reproductive organs but pervades the entire body and radiates as the bodily lustre or aura. When retained, this “Virya” gives strength, courage, determination… Read more »

Why is Hinduism rejected by the western world?

The “Western” principles do not align well with the Indian “Gaze”. The western philosophy is mostly a derivative of Greek and European “gaze” which teaches the subject to “Acquire”, to “Win”, to “Kill”.  If you see European culture, it is always trying to acquire and “progress”. Be in Industrial revolution, World war, roman culture –… Read more »

Why is there so much Inequality in the world?

Story #1 There was a kingdom where everything was equal. Everyone was happy and everyone was treated equally. Crime, theft, ignorance was there but there was equality everywhere. A wise man visited this kingdom with his student and seeing this equality state, he told the student This place is hell. We must run away and… Read more »

Why does love fade with time?

It is not just love that fades with time. Everything fades with time. You remember great poets, philosophers, singers, actors, musicians. But think about it. Do you remember any poet who was born 600 years ago? Any actor who was born in 1100 AD? Any mention of a musician born in 500 AD? Very rare…. Read more »

Why does everyone loves himself or herself?

Every person has three bodies. Sthula sarira – your physical body. This is your flesh, your bones, your hair, your skin. This is the physical representation of the body that houses the “atman” or the “soul”. This is least significant. If you die, the sthula sarira is destroyed but the “atman” travels and finds another… Read more »