The equations of Curse and Boons in Life

A curse can be a good thing and a Boon can be bad.  What “Looks Bad” for you is actually doing good in the background, you just don’t realize it from the surface. In Hindu mythology, a curse is something which generates Debt ( “Wrin”). Boon is something which earns equity. If a soul has… Read more »

What Should I do if I hate my job and feel I am lost in life?

Imagine a Lion. A young Lion is not as powerful, so he hunts rabbits to make a living. The lion is fed up of hunting rabbits and now wants to hunt down a wildebeest. But the number of wildebeests in the jungle is very low. And there are more powerful and hungry Lions out there,… Read more »

Why is Falling in Love difficult than any other relationship?

Falling in love. Note the word “Fall.” You cannot suddenly fall. Try it. Get out of your seat and try to Fall. You will fail. It’s difficult to fall while trying to fall. You just can’t. That is the beauty of falling. It happens when you don’t try it. People who try to “fall” in… Read more »

Why is Goddess Lakshmi always seen sitting next to Lord Vishnu’s feet?

The Indian way is subjective and symbolic while the western way is logical, objective, mathematical and conclusive. If a woman sits next to a man’s feet, we automatically deduce something is wrong there and question. Why? Because we automatically consider “Feet” as “derogatory”. This is the western lens which has taught you to be “tangible”…. Read more »

Why is Lord Ram Respected and Worshiped over Ravan?

Ram is respected because he is Maryada purushottam (maryada ki raksha karne wala purushon mein uttam …just a higher order of Krishna who is Leela purushottam). Ram never asked Sita for agnipariksha. The kingdom asked Ram whether she deserves to be the queen after being abducted by a Rakshasha king. Ram had complete Faith over… Read more »

Is love supposed to last forever and not fade with time?

Love is not supposed to last forever. Love Fades. Love is a formless imaginary construct in your head. Animals don’t love. Animals find partner for mating and then they move on to another partner. We are animals too and we keep chasing the imaginary form of affection through out our lives. This is called “Maya”…. Read more »

What is Life all about?

Hinduism describes life as a journey to realize the fundamental truth about oneself. It is tied with the concepts of Karma – (action) Kama – (desires, ambitions, goals) Samsara – (domestication, the continuous cycle of births and re-births) Mokhsha (liberation) Let’s say you are standing in a bus stand with fellow passengers. There are infinite… Read more »