Am I Good Enough?

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The Insult of Kashi Princess Amba And Bheesma Parashurama Duel

The most fierce duel in Mahabharata war was fought between Ganga putra Bheesma and his teacher, Parashurama. The context of this battle was Bheesma’s unfair treatment towards Kashi Princess – Amba. Bheesma was unbeatable at war, no army dared to stand against him. This caused Bheesma to relentlessly cross lines as he pleased, he would… Read more »

Role of Sun in A Birth Chart As Per Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, after Moon, Sun is considered the second most important planet which has the maximum impact on an individual. Sun affects overall personality, position, power, recognition, ambition, fulfilment and stability of an individual in various aspects of life. If Sun is powerful in a chart, it can negate the bad effects of other… Read more »

Role Of Mercury In a Birth Chart As Per Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Mercury is considered a very important planet which defines the measure of intellect of an individual. If someone’s Mercury is well placed and powerful, that person will have a high intellect, sharp memory and will make correct decisions. The ability to comprehend and process information into decisive conclusion is also given by… Read more »

Conversation Between Krishna and Dronacharya On 15th Day

The 15th day of Kurukshetra war saw massive casualties on the Pandava side. Dronacharya, the commander in chief of Kaurava army was uprooting every other divison of Pandava army like Grass. If this continued, then Pandava army cannot sustain and would collapse like a house of cards. The primary reason for Dronacharya’s aggression was insulting… Read more »

5 Types Of Strength – Viduras Wisdom

Men are often in illusion to what strength actually is. Some consider money, property, investments and material luxuries as strength. Some consider strength of arms and force as real strength. Some consider, association and networking with people already in power as strength while some consider intelligence as strength. Vidura, who was the prime minister of the… Read more »

Categories Of Men and Women As Per Chanakya and Indian Scholars

We have another question from Chandan Das I want to know the 4 categories of men’s and women’s described by Chanakya. And their characters and physical behavior. The categories are Sashaka, Mriga, brisha and ashwa for men’s and padmini, chitrini, sankhini and hastini for women. An Apology: First of all, I apologize to my readers… Read more »

2 Day Complete Disconnected Solitude Theory For Inner Peace

I wanted to share a big experiment I have been practicing off late. The practice is called “Disconnected Solitude” and it’s been giving great results to me so far. I learned this concept from one of my teachers and it is well worth sharing with the world. So what is this “Disconnected solitude”. To understand… Read more »

Whom To Choose – The One You Love, Or The One You Are Vowed With?

We have a reader question from Prateek, I was in love with one girl. Some reasons prevented our marriage. I married another girl under varied circumstances. I tried to be loyal but failed miserably. I don’t find peace in my life. I am in deep pain and wish to associate with my love. But don’t… Read more »